Fall sports preview

Fall sports preview

Yassin Bouali | The Phoenix

The fall sports season at Fremont is the season where some of the most popular sporting events take place. High school sports offer opportunities for school spirit to be shown and celebrated through the rivalry between high school sports teams. Due to fall sports being at the beginning of the year, students have a chance to come together at games and other events after a long summer break. This generally ends up causing students to carry over their excitement for all of the sports to the games in the beginning of the year.

Cross country is one of the many sports this season. Their final meet was at Half Moon Bay High School on October 1st. Next is the Girls Field Hockey team. The Fremont Field Hockey team has games every Monday and Wednesday until October 26th, with the exception of their game against Salinas High School on Thursday, September 29th. The Girls Volleyball team season ends around the same time; however, they have games every Tuesday and Thursday until the 25th of October, and had a tournament on Saturday, September 24th. Girls Tennis, on the other hand, goes on a bit longer with games being every Tuesday and Thursday with the exception of their last game on Wednesday, November 3rd. Uniquely enough, both Boys and Girls Water Polo take place during the Fall. For both, games are every Tuesday and Thursday until October 20th, with league finals taking place during the week of October 24th. There are many advantages and disadvantages to being in a sport during the Fall season.

Sofia Corn, of the Girls Water Polo team, shared her thoughts on water polo being a part of the fall sports season.

“I do really like that [water polo is] a fall sport because I feel like school is just starting up, and it kinda gets me into the right mindset to, you know, manage my time and things like that which helps me improve my schoolwork and things,” Corn said. 

Although she plays water polo with an out-of-school club over the summer, making it easier to adjust to the high school game season, Corn recognizes the difficulties of it being at the beginning of the year, stating that the big break in the middle of the year kills the “sporty vibe” of some players. Regardless, she believes that it is a good opportunity for teamwork building skills, and that there is always a position for anyone on the team.

“You really can’t do anything without your teammates,” Corn said. “And there’s also so many different positions that you can find to fit your needs.” Corn appreciates the team aspect of water polo, giving another motive to aspiring athletes during the Fall season.

Cross country, water polo, and football are some of the many sports taking place this season. Make sure to go out to games and meets to support your fellow schoolmates on the athletic field.