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Renovated Student Center
Renovated Student Center
Jael Ramirez, A&E Editor ~ May 24, 2022

FHS’s latest renovation of its campus has led to the grand reopening of the student center after three and a half years. The reopening ceremony took place on April 5, and multiple...

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FUHSD annual art showcase
Zaynab Mohiuddeen, Online Editor ~ May 24, 2022

From April 11 to May 11, 2022, the Fremont Union High School District hosted the 40 Annual Art Showcase. Student work from all five high schools were on display at the District Office. Spectators viewed art pieces from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday through Friday over the month-long period.  Students who participated often worked on their art pieces for...

FHS after worst of COVID
FHS after worst of COVID
Minerva Kamra, Creative Editor ~ May 24, 2022

Now that the worst of COVID-19 has passed,  it is expected of students and teachers alike to revert to “normal.” In the wake of a global pandemic, the implications are profound. Mask mandates have been lifted and social distancing has long gone since the return to school.  In addition, online learning has led to drastic changes in the relationship...

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FHS’s Mr. Flores wins Murphy award
Neel Sharma, Sports Editor ~ May 24, 2022

At the 56th annual Murphy Awards on April 9, 2022, FHS history teacher Leonardo Flores was recognized as the Sunnyvale Outstanding Educator of the Year by the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce.  Flores has been teaching for three years, all of them at FHS. Before teaching, he was a paraeducator at Fremont.  “My favorite thing about teaching is working...

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Dr. Strange review
Trisha Sharma and Madelyn Nguyen ~ May 26, 2022

Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), exploring past the Infinity Saga that closed out in Phase Three, has not disappointed. Some of these films —  “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten...

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Moon Knight review
Victoria Duran, Staff Writer ~ May 26, 2022
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Fergie makes a comeback
Abby Callahan, A&E Editor ~ May 24, 2022
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NCAA rule changes benefits college athletes
Ysbrandt Seghers, Staff Writer ~ May 26, 2022

  The topic of college athletes getting paid has heavily circulated over the past few years, especially with a lot of controversy surrounding a popular youtuber, Donald...

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Parents pressure Academics
Smera Jain and Shivani Mudhol ~ May 24, 2022

UCs and Ivy League schools have always been hard to get into; however, acceptance rates have hit an all-time low for the class of 2026. The University of California Los Angeles, the school that receives the most...

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Thoughts about Graduation
Ramita Setty, Copy Editor ~ May 24, 2022

  As the school year draws to an end, and seniors all begin to let go of the stress that has weighed down on us all year — no, for these past four years. Carrying the hope and fear given to us by parents,...

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Carbon dioxide recovery program options
Maximillian Palli, Staff Writer ~ May 24, 2022

The climate crisis is never easy to think about. With everyday stressors and focus on current life, the existential dread of a slow-moving extinction is overlooked. According to the United Nations, we have used...

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