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Fremont homecoming impresses amid COVID
Shivani Mudhol and Sophie Wang ~ November 4, 2021

Homecoming week: a week full of fun, energy and excitement. Dedicated to celebrating the different classes at Fremont, Homecoming usually consists of a dance, numerous rallies...

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FUHSD loveletters Instagram gains popularity
Minerva Kamra, Staff Writer ~ November 4, 2021

FUHSD has been flooded with drama in the weeks following the creation of @fuhsdlovelettersofficial account on Instagram. With its now iconic boldly colored posts, the account runs off of submissions from anonymous contributors. These submissions come in through their Instagram messages and Tellonym, an anonymous feedback app. The page originally was started by two moderators, sophomore Kat Kushner (known as admin 1) and freshman Kat Snow (known as admin 2), both from FHS. Like something out of a teen drama, it has...

COVID testing and cases at FHS
COVID testing and cases at FHS
Shraddha Sriram, Staff Writer ~ November 3, 2021

As of press time, there have been 12 positive cases for COVID-19 at Fremont High School. Those who test positive are to be quarantined for 10 days since the day the test was taken and antigen testing is provided every Friday near the Fair Oaks room from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. The district has also updated the air filtration systems as coronavirus aerosol particles emitted by an infected individual drift around in the air increase the likelihood of transmission by being far greater in enclosed spaces than out in the open. “I...

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Fremont theater construction
Isaac Tiscareno, News Editor ~ November 3, 2021

The Shannon Theater, an iconic location at Fremont High School, is getting a long-awaited remodel. Construction on this project started in June 2020 and is scheduled to finish by January 2022 by current estimates. This was part of a larger project to remodel the FHS main building, the most recognizable building at FHS which was built in 1926. This entire project was allowed by a school bond measure that passed in 2018, allowing the FUHSD to incur debt while conducting large-scale construction. The start of the construction...

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"Once upon a broken heart"
Natalie Wolff, Creative Editor ~ November 3, 2021

Crimson red, fiery orange and misty blue. The “Caraval” trilogy by Stephanie Garber will sweep you off your feet and make you fall in love with this beautiful and dazzling universe. The series centers...

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Fall products at Trader Joe's
Pranathi Thalasila, Staff Writer ~ November 3, 2021
photo courtesy of the NYT
Barbie: A cultural icon
Sophie Wang, Online Editor ~ November 3, 2021
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New clubs on campus
Zaynab Mohiuddeen, Staff Writer ~ November 3, 2021
Perfume: what to get and where
Perfume: what to get and where
Jael Ramirez, A&E Editor ~ September 24, 2021
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Graphic courtesy of Raagni Krishna Devaki | The Phoenix
The consequences of dieting: predictable
Raagni Krishna Devaki, Centerspread Editor ~ November 3, 2021

Dieting: a regulated selection of foods, as for medical reasons or cosmetic weight loss; things that are harmful, but normalized.  Over the years, teenagers and children have...

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New girls volleyball uniforms
Zoee Davis-Marsh, Staff Writer ~ November 3, 2021
FHS Badminton Team
FHS Badminton reclaims district title
Emily Wilson, Editor-in-Chief ~ September 24, 2021
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Problems with Latino representation in media
Jael Ramirez, A&E Editor ~ November 3, 2021

 The Hispanic population has been one of the fastest-growing populations in the U.S. in recent years, accounting for more than 51% of new growth in the  US population. Despite having such significant growth, Latinos...

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Why we cannot stop binge-watching our shows
Nivi Khatana, Centerspread Editor ~ November 3, 2021

With a fuzzy blanket and a movie snack within arm’s reach, I turn to my latest obsession: Luke Thomson—more specifically, Luke Thomson as Benedict Bridgerton from Netflix’s hit series “Bridgerton”. However,...

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The uniqueness of the lesbian experience
Yashvi Rawat, Phoenix Creative ~ November 3, 2021

The hardest part about coming to terms with my identity was not accepting that I am attracted to women. It was accepting that I am not attracted to men. This may sound confusing. Why would one be more difficult...

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