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Biden’s actions on immigration
Scott Sauter, Staff Writer ~ March 26, 2021

Ever since President Joseph R. Biden Jr. took office, many bills have been signed and brought to Congress, concerning a variety of different issues. Among legal issues such as...

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Gavel in upper left hand corner with name plaque featuring the word impeachment.
Trump's Second Impeachment
Ysbrandt Seghers and Quinten Seghers ~ March 26, 2021
Trump has been impeached for a second time, a historic feat by all measures. He is now the only president ever in the United States to have faced two separate impeachment trials, almost a year apart from one another.  
Biden's Cabinet
Anoushka Samant, News Editor ~ March 26, 2021

It has almost been three months since President Joe Biden was inaugurated into office and according to CNN, only seven of his 23 Cabinet-level nominees needing approval have been confirmed by the Senate, due to the delay of scheduled confirmations. However, the Senate now has a Democrat majority for the first time in six years, allowing Democrat nominees to be confirmed without needing Republican support. The Cabinet-level members that don’t require Senate confirmation include Kamala Harris as the first Black, South...

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Biden’s State of the Union address
Arda Tuncturk, Staff Writer ~ March 26, 2021

When Biden entered office, he began signing a flurry of different executive actions, many overturning the previous Trump legislature and the executive decisions that Biden had been eyeing, such as the rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, according to The White House.  Additionally, Biden instituted more executive decisions, like reversing the ban of transgender people in the military, the reversal of the border wall funding and the denouncing of anti-Asian discrimination and xenophobia.  In a study published...

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Reviewing Booktok's favorite reads
Yashvi Rawat, Phoenix Creative ~ March 26, 2021

  Crier’s War duology (Nina Varela): 4/5 The two books are both very fast and exciting reads with great writing that may sometimes toe the line of being a little too flowery. The duology follows...

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Tips for traveling during covid-19
Maddy Garcia, Opinion Editor ~ March 26, 2021
Muir Woods National Monument
Jissel Alvarez, Staff Writer ~ March 26, 2021
Wandavision review
Wandavision review
JJ Hernandez, Online Editor ~ March 26, 2021
Disney's Disturbingly Racist Past
Sophie Wang, Staff Writer ~ March 26, 2021
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A new vaccination site at Levi Stadium
A new vaccination site at Levi Stadium
Heather Chow, Staff Writer ~ March 26, 2021

The largest mass vaccination site in California and fourth-largest in the nation has opened up on Tuesday, Feb. 9th at Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers in Santa...

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FUHSD in-person athletics update
FUHSD in-person athletics update
Caitlyn Chan and Isaac Tiscareno, Collaboration ~ March 26, 2021
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