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COVID-19 vaccine for young children aged 5-11
Zaynab Mohiuddeen, Staff Writer ~ December 8, 2021

On Oct. 29, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was approved for children ages five to 11, clearing the way for a mass vaccination effort of school-age children to begin. The...

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Importance of mental well-being for teachers
Abhinav Katsuri, Staff Writer ~ December 8, 2021

The pandemic’s effects on the mental health of teachers also has repurcussions for students, not all of them negative. During the COVID-19 pandemic there was an uptick in mental health issues, according to the Center for Disease Control’s COVID-19 response team. Teachers were also negatively impacted, many of whom were struggling to adapt to online...

Availability of period products in high schools
Shivani Mudhol, Staff Writer ~ December 8, 2021

On Oct. 11, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a bill that required schools from grades six through 12 to supply free menstrual products for students, which is expected to go into effect in the 2022-23 school year. The goal of the law is to provide aid to low-income families who struggle to afford menstrual products. Women spend over $2,000 on tampons...

New Fremont freshman literature curriculums
Emily Wilson, Editor-in-Chief ~ December 8, 2021

This year, freshmen are being taught three different versions of Literature and Writing (Lit/Writ) curriculum, two of which are pilot programs being run by the Fremont High School English Department and the FUHSD, respectively. Although there has been some dissonance among students regarding the drastic gap between types of work that they are doing,...

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New Metaverse dropped
New Metaverse dropped
Ramita Setty, Copy Editor ~ December 8, 2021

Since Facebook was first created, it projected a very specific brand to the world on what it could offer and what it entailed. But that is about to change, as it touts a brand new concept — the Metaverse. The...

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"Once upon a broken heart"
Natalie Wolff, Creative Editor ~ November 3, 2021
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Fall products at Trader Joe's
Pranathi Thalasila, Staff Writer ~ November 3, 2021
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Barbie: A cultural icon
Sophie Wang, Online Editor ~ November 3, 2021
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New clubs on campus
Zaynab Mohiuddeen, Staff Writer ~ November 3, 2021
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Battle for practice space: track versus band
Hannah Azur, Staff Writer ~ December 8, 2021

With many sports happening at the same time, it is hard for Fremont to cater to every single one. The space available is either already occupied by other activities or the space...

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Fremont High School's Marching Band Recap
Yashvi Rawat and Natalie Wolff, Collaboration ~ December 8, 2021
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Starting school later is not a a good idea
Neel Sharma, Staff Writer ~ December 8, 2021

For me, weekdays usually start at seven, with my alarm waking me up from a peaceful slumber. I proceed to stumble out of bed, half-asleep, and go through my morning routine, usually thinking about how nice and warm...

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Chinese food in America: a recipe for racism
Sophie Wang, Online Editor ~ December 8, 2021

According to rumor, the Chinese eat everything. From rats, to snakes to bats, they are desperate enough to cook anything in a dish. Chinese food first rose to popularity in the late 1800s for the cheap prices and...

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Mental health and its toll on students
Vida Lashgari, Staff Writer ~ December 8, 2021

Thousands of teenagers nationwide attend school in large public school districts that contain thousands of students, teachers and staff. Despite this, it remains easy, if not easier to be consumed by feeling alone...

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