Feel your world

Franchezca Rosales

Sit, breathe, close your eyes,
Hear the cries,
As he dies not knowing what he could’ve done.
You see the world knocking on your door,
Asking for help,
There’s nothing you can do.
You hear again the boos they yell at for the poor black girl, looking for her future
that’s held in her hand,
But there’s no hope in this world,
All she has learned was put to shame,
The racism hasn’t stopped,
You’re yelling for it to go away,
But all you see is a Slay,
You wish you could give that skin color, a different color,
Black isn’t enough for some people.
You feel the pain dripping from the palm of your hands,
We got no right, no hope, no future, no opportunity…..
Feel the world in different ways,
It hurts like falling from a building,
You’re working hard, full of wisdom,
But they don’t see that, they see a color
When will this world see me for me and love me for my color?
Connect this world where color doesn’t matter!
Connect this world where you won’t be judged from the first look,!
Connect this world where people will appreciate you like the whites……
Connect this world to a better Paradise!
The Future holds the power to changes,

To a better world for all colors,
Culture doesn’t matter, we’re all the same,
Born the same, money doesn’t show who you are,
Classes don’t matter, border’s don’t matter,
This world should count on one other,
War doesn’t solve anything….
Now open your eyes look around to see the people around you
See the different colors, they don’t matter because we’re all unique and we all have
talents to share and learn from one other,
Look up into the sky and see how the blue and white sky share their space even if
there are two different colors, they share it and make a beautiful world….


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