International tv shows


Photo courtesy of IMDB

Sara Chow and Trisha Sharma

Television shows have been improving throughout the years, and the stories are just getting better and more complex. However, at times you can find yourself bored of the same TV shows frustrated with nothing new to watch. In this case, here are four International TV Shows we recommend.

Based on Elena Ferrante’s bestselling book series, “My Brilliant Friend,” follows two girls, Lila and Lenu, as they grow up in postwar Italy. Beautiful and haunting, this show is a heartbreaking portrayal of early friendship in the midst of vast social and economic change. As the girls run through Naples, Italy, you feel the rush and uncertainty of youth and the wonder of the world’s mysteries. 

In “The Twelve,” 12 citizens are summoned for jury duty for the case of a woman who is accused of killing her daughter and her best friend. The show follows the jurors throughout their lives surrounding the case and exposes the domestic secrets lurking in their households. The show is dark and moody, with stark photography set under grey Dutch skies. The faces in the show, beautiful and empty, stare at the camera enigmatically and give you the feeling that you still do not — and never will — know the full story. 

“Love 101” is a Turkish television drama that revolves around high school, relationships and more. The four main characters, Sinan, Ida, Isik and Oman, try to keep their beloved teacher from leaving their school and to do so, they attempt at setting her up with their school’s new basketball coach. Throughout the series, each character discovers themselves and learns more about love, courage and friends. This show is the perfect combination of curiosity, comedy and love, giving the viewer a light-hearted show perfect for binging.

“The Rain” is a sci-fi, suspenseful, Swedish television series that follows a world that has come to an end due to a deadly virus caused by rain. Six years later, after the end of the world, siblings Simone and Ramus navigate their way through a new world in search of signs of life, answers and resources. Through their journey, they meet another group of survivors, with whom they form valuable relationships and friendships. This show perfectly blends romance with suspense and action and is definitely one of the most underrated television series on Netflix.