New clubs on campus


image courtesy of The Swaddle

Zaynab Mohiuddeen, staff writer

Fremont’s club fair took place a couple months ago on September 24th, and many new clubs were added to Fremont’s already extensive list. There is a wide variety of clubs spanning from STEM and genetics to public speaking and debate. A couple interesting clubs on campus this year include Theatre Club, GIDAS and Mock Trial. 

Enjoy acting, working backstage, or generally being dramatic? Looking for a fun place to hang out with friends? Then Theatre Club is the club for you. A very laid-back club, they meet once a month on Tuesdays in Portable 3. The club’s advisor is Ms. Misfeldt, Fremont’s theatre teacher.  According to FHS’ clubs list, the purpose of the Theatre Club is to form connections between students and share their love of theatre. 

Members will have the opportunity to learn more about department productions and events, participate in fun games designed to build acting skills, and just learn about theatre! There will also be many great opportunities for students to get to know each other.

The general club agenda includes a quick icebreaker, and later an intro to the main activity for the day. Some fun events planned from the previous years include Murder Mystery Nights, cookie decorating parties and more! 

“Our next meeting is on Tuesday, November 16,” Misfeldt said. “Hope to see you there!” Please send an email to [email protected] or message @fhsdrama2753 on Instagram for more information!

Next up is GIDAS. GIDAS stands for Genes in Diseases and Symptoms. GIDAS is the high school branch of the organization miRcore, a non profit organization affiliated with the University of Michigan. Every year, miRcore picks a disease of focus and they do research about it to help advance personalized medicine. Members of the club will learn to advocate the importance of studying genetics and the human genome in medicine and fundraise for the microgrants that miRcore gives to a different researcher’s lab every year. They meet every Tuesday in Room 92 at lunch. “Each meeting will focus on a specific activity in relation to genes,” Aa member shared. For more information, please message @fremont_gidas on Instagram.

Finally, Mock Trial is aimed towards Fremont students who are interested in experiencing courtroom and trial scenarios. Students will be able to gain courtroom and law experience, as well as acquire knowledge of the US judicial system, by competing in Mock Trial competitions. Each year, students will prepare a mock legal case that they present as a team in front of a judge and jury. The students act out a variety of civil and criminal trials where they either act as the defense or prosecution.  Teams will generally  practice and build their case for several weeks or even months before competing, which involves practices, scrimmages and independent work on the case. The actual competition begins with teams going up against other local schools. Successful teams may then advance to state-level or even national-level tournaments (it is important to note that not all states participate in the national tournament). Additionally, the national Mock Trial competition follows a completely different case booklet, meaning that qualifying teams will need to build a new case from scratch. This process aids the development of many crucial skills such as teamwork, critical analysis, writing and speaking.

All in all, Fremont boasts a variety of clubs for everyone to enjoy. Hope you will  consider joining a couple!