The creation of Varza

Scott Sauter, Staff Writer

As a wannabe author, one of the ways I exercise my creativity is through worldbuilding, which also helps flesh out the history of the world that you are writing a story in. I’m not going to hold you back, here is the creation story of the world I am writing in, called Varza.

Long ago, there was nothing. No life, nothing but a barren desert under a dark and empty sky. Then, a crystal poked from the sand, growing to the height of the tallest trees of the old world. In those days, after the Sun was lost, all creatures had become empty beings, shadows of their former selves, forever doomed to repeat the cycle of predator and prey. When the crystal came forth with its soothing light, many fled from it, but Five did not. They bathed in its radiance and were Shadows no more. These were the Firstborn, the Gods of Varza, forerunners of the races of this world. Their names were, as follows: Arasin, the Hunter; Tharis, the Delver; Dragonil, the Smith; Lupa, the Howler; and Falcorzi, the Windwalker. They took the crystal and with its power made a great river, the Harogus, bringing life to the barren wastes.


But still, there was darkness. Within the darkness, evil lurked. A powerful Shadow, in the form of a great winged beast of ages long past, took notice. This creature was called Savinlor. He struck, and was beaten back not once, but twice, by the Firstborn. Twice more, he struck, trying to destroy the crystal. On that fourth try, he succeeded. The results were not what he wanted. The crystal exploded, sundering the land into four, and the Harogus….became an ocean. The Firstborn named the northern landmass Norvugard. Savinlor was cast into the explosion’s crater, the Great Abyss, and so….Varza was reborn.


In time, the Elder Races were born. Dragonil the Smith crafted the first of the immortal Dragons out of the shards of Uligoz, the Great Crystal, sculpting scales of stone and breath of flame. Her name was Daris, which means “first”. With her flame and crystalline might, she seeded the constellation Draconicus, the Stardrake, and infused it with charisma, a blessing for all Dragons to come.


Arasin the Hunter and Lupa the Howler birthed Twins. The eldest was Korvan, the first Elf, and the youngest was Lopara, the first Wolf. Together, with divine magic, they wrought the constellations of Lycos and Arador, the Tracker and the Swordsman. They infused them with the power of shapeshifting and skill with the sword, a blessing for all Wolves and Elves. 


Tharis the Delver carved the first Dwarves from the living stone of Norvugard, Kalis and Nara. With this stone, and atop Xisojil the Firelord, they wrought the constellations of Ducon the Stoneking and Etzor the Archer. They infused them with skill in smithing and skill with a bow, for Dwarves and a future race, Mankind. In the distant west, Humanity awoke.


Falcorzi the Windwalker formed from the sky Syrivon, first of the Avinon, the Birds. Syrivon, with the magic of Sky and Star, would create the constellations of Sorotari and Kayon, the Windborn and the Sky’s Lord, infusing them with skill in speech and agility, for Avinon and a future race of creatures that Syrivon called Lionbirds, the elves calling them Hiskavi. In the distant south, the Gryphons awoke.


However, Savinlor created mockeries of the Elder Races, deep in the Great Abyss. In the Image of Elves, he wrought the Orcs, cruel and menacing. In the image of Dwarves, he wrought Goblins, cunning and evil. Forged of ice and shadow, in the image of Dragons he wrought the Iceshades. And in the image of Birds and Wolves, he wrought Hellhounds and Rocs, to combat them in the skies and forests. He shed his ancient form and took on a new one: the Imagálo, the Black Wolf. And then, he wrought a new constellation: Rovanirlos the Necromancer, infusing him with the power to raise and command the shadowy spirits of the Dead.


In the final days of this war did the Firstborn forge their greatest creation: Nivaryis, the Sunstar. Infused with holy magic, it forced Savinlor’s creations to the shadowy wastes of Imalas, until the day that Savinlor would rise to wage war on the Gods. Thus is written the Birth of Varza and the Elder Races.



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