The price of technology addiction


Photo courtesy of The Indian Express

With annually released technology, from new phones to computers, most people can be found using these devices every chance they get — whether as a social crutch or a way to document memories. So, finding people who do not rely on technology is rare. 

Last week, when meeting with a friend, I asked her about the concert she attended the day before. 

“It was good! I honestly wish I recorded less because I feel like I was looking through most of the concert through my phone screen,” my friend said.

I understood what she meant. Throughout my life, whether at a fun school event or looking at the not-so-rare sunsets around the Bay, I always tended to take out my phone and capture everything. When I meet with friends at a cafe, “camera eats first,” a worldwide phenomenon, holds true for me. Having technology embedded into our routines is inevitable due to its convenience, but finding a balance between experiencing life and using technology is worth striving for. Taking pictures and videos is always useful to look back on memories, but oftentimes you miss viewing it with your own eyes. 

Utilizing advanced technology, such as the increasingly popular noise-canceling headphones, can be invaluable when you are on a flight trying to block out the crying children around you or trying to block out the noise while studying in a cafe. However, sometimes it can be good to take a step away from the immersive sounds of your music and soak in everything around you. Personally, I enjoy observing my environment and the people around me to really remember details of the moments of my life. 

Additionally, almost everyone has been in social situations where you awkwardly scroll through endless Instagram posts or TikToks, whether you are alone and trying to appear preoccupied, or simply a way to distract from the conversation that has come to a lull. After clicking on a new Instagram story or Youtube video, you are instantly transported to a new virtual world. While social media is a great save in some situations, it is also worth a try to put your phone away and embrace the conversation and people around you, even if it seems awkward at first.

Evidently, there is no shortage of ways to utilize technology to dissociate with reality. Whether capturing memories or engaging with the wonders of the internet and social media, it is important to find ways to use these digital devices to enhance your life, instead of letting them consume it.