Astrology: The rise of astrology


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Madelyn Nguyen, Alum

Recently, all over social media and practically the world, there has been a rise in the popularity of astrology. According to Google Trends in 2020, “birth chart” and “astrology” searches hit an all-time high. Nowadays, many publicly display their sun, moon and rising signs in their Instagram biographies. 

In astronomy, the zodiac is a belt around the heavens that is along Earth’s orbit and the Sun’s annual path. Zodiac signs represent twelve different constellations, and each has its own unique designated symbol. Each zodiac has a roughly thirty-day long time span and one’s zodiac sign is determined by their birth date. Along with that, each zodiac has stereotypes accompanied by different characteristics.

Moon signs represent the second soul behind the identity, the subconscious side of oneself that remains hidden however has a present role with one’s emotions. Moon signs are determined by taking into account not just your date of birth but date the exact time and place of birth as well. Rising signs, also known as your ascendant, represent one’s social personality and what others perceive of them. In other words, your rising sign indicates how you typically behave and react to events. Similar to moon signs, in order to determine one’s rising sign, you will need an exact time of birth as well as a sun sign.

Through social media, Generation Z (called “Gen Z”)has built a diverse community filled with enthusiastic astrologers and fanatics. Because of this COVID-19 pandemic, the world has struggled with the loss of jobs, lack of communication and support. Astrology has provided a welcoming community that allows people to feel connected. Whether one believes in it or not everyone does have an astrological sign, connecting everyone in some way. Today astrology accounts are all over Instagram and TikTok. Although the content varies from daily horoscopes and memes it nevertheless automatically grants users a sense of community. 

Although astrology has also created a sense of community for many individuals, it has also created disagreements and slight prejudice. The vast majority of the time people usually take their zodiac signs lightly. There is only occasional bickering on opposing opinions. However, due to its increased popularity across social media, there has been far more controversy on certain zodiac signs and harsher judgment. Geminis receive the most hate and are stereotyped as two-faced and fake people based on their twin origin. Despite these stereotypes of character, evidently, not all Geminis are “fake.” Some characteristics of people’s zodiac signs may be true but not always.

Additionally, items such as crystals and tarot cards have also risen in popularity over the years. Crystals are known for having different properties and benefits. They promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing all throughout the body. Flowing good energy in and removing all negative energy out from one’s body. Some crystals are well suited for specific zodiac signs, providing assistance for certain characteristics that will support the user. In the mid-15th century, tarot cards were used as a way of guidance and continue to be used for the same purpose today. They provide insight into the past, present and future. Each zodiac sign matches with two tarot cards that compliment each other.

Astrology provides a pathway for individuals to discover more about themselves and their assigned elements. Some true believers in zodiac signs use it as a way to maintain their spirituality whilst not conforming to a “typical” religion. Allowing followers to believe in a higher power but not necessarily a God. Astrology provides freedom for any individual to seek guidance and find themselves.