Card games

Card games

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As summer comes ever so closer, we as students of Fremont ask ourselves the real questions. What hobbies are we going to indulge? Maybe play some video games? Or perhaps some arts and crafts? Those last two are good choices but there is a better choice: Card Games. There are many reasons for this.

One of the multiple benefits of card games is simple. It incentivises a person to talk to others. While most hobbies are an individual task, card games are different you need to actually find someone to play against in a card game. There is no going around that fact. Who knew socializing a lot would make you sociable.

A second and powerful reason for card games is this: you make pretty good friends. The reason for this is because card games are generally underrated in most people’s eyes. This might be seen as bad but when you meet another person who plays the same card game as you, that moment is magical. Trust me, I have had that moment a lot in my life and have made some pretty good friends.

A counter argument to card games as most call it  is that they cost tons of money. I cannot deny that, playing competitively is very costly. However I  can vouch for the low cost of playing for fun. As long as you know what you are doing and do not follow your spending impulses then costs do not really matter. Just keep your cards close to you and your wallet closer.

For those who are convinced that they want to play card games, there are a couple of options. For a more complicated experience you can always try out Yu-Gi-Oh. Though a little complicated it is fun when played correctly with the right people. Contrasting to that a little known name such as Cardfight Vanguard might be for you. A little simpler for casual players Vanguard can give the joys of card games without much complications. And lastly to the people who just don’t want to think much. There is always Pokemon, which challenges your wallet more than your skills.

Card games can be a wonderful time with the right game and people. So you should try your hand at some with a budget of course.