Hispanic culture


Esmeralda Solorio

I want the audience to learn because the hispanic community tends to show their culture & how they cope with their trauma in many different ways. Whether it’s by certain celebrations, dances, people, or things that they make. I want people to know a couple of the main things that the hispanic culture does that allows them to feel at home and brings them some comfort/peace from the trauma. There are many other things that the hispanic community does but these are just some of the ones that I was most interested by. I hope that my project can help others realize that each culture/community has its own way of representing themselves and their trauma. Each community has its own beliefs and values and it’s hard to sometimes beware of what each community does but I am here to share some of the many things the hispanic community does. I decided to include not just one thing but 5 different things that the hispanic community does and shows their resilience to make the awareness stronger. Based on my previous research the hispanic/latinx community copes with their trauma by making things that hold value to them or have a greater meaning. They also hold protests and stand up for what they believe in. Another big thing that I read when I was doing my research is that they build their way up because they know other people are more superior than them. It’s very apparent that the hispanic community works for what they have, they need to build a base and especially those who migrated here with nothing but their family because family is forever for hispanics. More on family is forever, I decided to include “familia” on my creative piece because coming from my research and I, family is very crucial in our culture and we put family above everything else. Family is a huge value to us and keeps us grounded, they always support each other and make time in order to deal with family matters. I also drew “The Basilica” which is located in Mexico. The Basilica is a Roman Catholic Church and is very famous and attracts lots of tourists because of the peace that they feel when there. Us hispanics value Our Lady of Guadlupe very much and we know that she can resolve any trauma we faced and gives us the strength to keep pushing through. The hispanic community has lots of faith and strong beliefs that are attached to God because most of us are Catholic and therefore is a huge part of what helps us continue to be resilient. I also drew the cloth “napkins”/”blankets” because they truly hold lots of meaning behind them. These cloth napkins are very important and hold lots of value to the hispanic community because those who make them will take their making kit anywhere and everywhere. Making these bring them lots of comfort because they make them when they are going through tough times and then give them out to loved ones since they don’t want to hold onto it. A great example is my great grandfather, everytime I go to Mexico and see him he is always carrying a little bag with all his thread, clothes, and needles so he can make them whenever he feels the need. Moving onto the lenses, a huge lense that I can really see is the gender lens mainly within the familia. Many hispanics have a thinking of only males have the power and the woman doesn’t, the woman looks after the kids and stays home. Another lens we can see is the critical race theory because many hispanics are automatically identified as less than and they get lots of racism. People automatically assume that every hispanic is an immigrant and therefore they don’t have the same rights as everyone else. Lastly, another lens is the marxists lens because hispanics have to build their wealth and try to fit into the socioeconomic class that everyone else is on.


Esmeralda Solorio is a senior at Fremont High School.


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