How coronavirus affects athletes and sports


Photo courtesy of Thompson Coburn

For athletes across the world, COVID-19 has been one of the most challenging times to pursue previous sports or try new ones. It may be obvious that COVID has affected the way sports are run, but how much has changed? Typically, practices and games are a consistent routine in a student athlete’s week and it provides an outlet for any stress that they may be enduring. Sports have proven to help clear someone’s mind and release endorphins to make any student’s school week a little more bearable. From inconsistent scheduling, to athletes constantly being out sick, there is no way that sports have been any kind of normal since March 2020.

When not doing sports for so long, it can be hard to individually motivate oneself to re-enter the sport or try something new. Considering that so many athletes did not really get the opportunity to interact with one another for a long period of time, it is understandable that many kids feel almost awkward to partake in a new sport with kids that they haven’t seen before. The only thing that many of us can do is go in with an open mindset and try to get to know your teammates in order to have a fun season. Bonding with them may not only bring new friends, but also have someone else that similar interests.

In the past school years, there has been huge enforcement of getting tested for COVID. Not only was this placed in order to prevent any possible COVID-19 outbreaks, but it did change the routine of athletes and has definitely demonstrated how drastically COVID has changed sports. It also continues to highlight the risks associated with playing beloved sports right now. Ultimately, it is up to every individual to take the necessary precautions so that sports can continue as this virus is fought. Although many of us have come to learn the risk as well as the proper precautions that should be taken when playing sports throughout this pandemic, it is important to have patience and try to enjoy any opportunity to play the sport that you love or want to try.