Pets: the world’s best

Throughout history animals have always been a crucial and unique part of society. In the past however, most, if not all animals were hunted and slain for food, clothes, furniture, decoration and more.
But in more modern times animals are not always killed but instead are cherished and loved. In some cases they can even prove to be a helpful companion and friend for humans.
The term “pet” has a very loose definition. Pets can differ in many different ways due to this loose definition. Through their personality, species and size just to name a few. All pets are unique in their own way, which is what makes them so special.
Generally, when someone thinks of a pet one starts to think about animals such as dogs, cats, fishes, rabbits and other smaller animals. But the wonderful thing about pets is that they can also be way more wild and exotic. Like for example, porcupines, peacocks, and even tigers.
Another reason as to why having a pet is beneficial is because it causes people to become much more relaxed and happier overall. This happens due to the fact that when an individual watches, plays, or interacts with their pet, the brain will in return releases certain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals activate the brain’s reward center and cause one to feel much better mentally.
Some people believe that only pets like dogs and cats can emotionally satisfy humans. However, the reward chemicals in the brain; serotonin and dopamine, can be released naturally through the interacting with any type of animal. The same brain stimulating process can be achieved by watching a fish swim instead of for example playing with a dog.
Another aspect as to how pets can help humans emotionally is by having a pet be an emotional support animal as well. This is a great way for pets to help their struggling owners deal with certain emotional conditions. Pet’s can help individuals relax when it comes to any type of emotional disorder, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and more.
Even though the vast majority of emotional support animals are dogs, all types of animals can qualify to be an emotional support animal. Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, there is no limit as to the number of emotional support animals that someone can have. So feel free to get as many pets as needed in order to sufficiently help oneself through any emotionally challenging times!
Pets are not just only emotionally beneficial however, they can also be trained to work alongside humans in certain areas of employment, particularly in law enforcement. Where pets, primarily dogs however, are trained to help police officers by tackling fleeing suspects, help firefighters by searching for trapped individuals and can also help TSA agents sniff out narcotics from luggages.
Pet’s still have dozens of other possible various traits that can be useful to humans in a physical manner that is not associated with law enforcement. Making them an important ally in nearly all aspects of humans life.
Regardless as to whether or not certain pets are capable of helping humans physically, they all still deserve to be able to interact with humans on a more daily basis in their lives. Because all animals need and deserve to be loved and respected.