The Paralympic games take place in Beijing


Although we all know what the Olympics are, some might be less familiar with its sister competition, the Paralympics. This competition consists of similar games but with different competitors facing physical impairments. The Paralympics allow top athletes that have some kind of physical disability to be able to compete on a world stage quite similar to the Olympics.

The Paralympics had its first games in 1960, about 64 years after the first modern Olympics took place. The idea for the games came from a group of disabled WWII veterans and has been going on ever since. It follows the same schedule as the Olympics and always starts shortly after the Olympics conclude. Since the games began, more and more countries have been participating in the Paralympics and there are currently 84 countries that are competing in the 2022 winter Paralympics. The Olympic and Paralympic games are held in the same place, meaning that this year the Paralympics are being held in Beijing, China.

The Paralympics are important because they create equal chances for all athletes. These games allow athletes to be recognized for their amazing talents. While the Paralympics have been televised since 1976, this year it will be put in the primetime spot on NBC. This will allow millions of more people to watch these amazing athletes.

When people think of the Paralympics they think of the Olympics too. There are not many differences between the two. The main differences are that one is for people who are disabled and one is not. The events have to be adapted so that the athletes can play with their disabilities like using sleds to play hockey. There are also different sports entirely like goalball, where teams are formed with three vision-impaired players to try to keep a ball out of a net.

While the Paralympics are the most famous, there are other games like the Special Olympics that allow athletes of different abilities to compete. Although the Special Olympics are very similar to the Paralympics, it is not only for athletes with physical disabilities but for mental disabilities as well.

The Paralympics have been a great way to show off the abilities of disabled people and continue to expand every year. Make sure to tune in from Friday, March 4 to Sunday, March 13 to appreciate these truly amazing and inspirational athletes.