Athlete spotlights: Adi Pelled and Alison Wu


Photo courtesy of Fremont High School

The Featherettes, FHS’s dance team, ended its season in high spirits after a fun and successful football season as well as competition season. The team made it to Regionals and traveled to Florida for The Peimer Dance Nationals. The team is led by co-officers Adi Pelled and Alison Wu, who organize practices, help with team bonding and perfect the dance routines. 

Both Pelled and Wu are seniors who have been on the Featherettes for all four years of their high school careers and are two of the four graduating seniors on the team. They have been dancing since a young age, with Pelled having started dancing when she was in third grade and Wu starting at age six. 

“Our season is pretty much at its end but our football season went really well,” Pelled said. “We had four performances and our competitions also went well.”

While most sports in high school only have one season in which they are active,  the Featherettes have a year-long season similar to cheerleading. This requires the athletes to be on top of their academics in order to participate in athletics throughout the school year. Both Pelled and Wu say they have to manage their time well to complete school work in order to have time for dance. They also spoke of the importance of organization and completing assignments and studying earlier than most might. 

“I make sure to block off my schedule… so I know what time I have to practice and make sure I leave time before and after to do homework,” Wu said when talking about time management. 

“I make sure to communicate with my family if I need anything from them academics wise,” Pelled said. 

Both team captains advise any struggling student to get their work done early and to make sure they are organized. They also advise against procrastination so that students have good performances in school and in their sports. 

If you want to access information on the Featurettes, they have an Instagram and a Youtube channel where they post dances and formations. As their season comes to a close, there is one last chance to see the Featheretts perform on May 13th for their spring show. With tryouts finished for next year, the team is looking forward to a great upcoming season.