Becoming a foreigner in your own country


Jennifer Choi



In my paintings, I contrasted Korean newspapers vs. American newspapers to show the difference in perspectives regarding discrimination against Asian Americans. In the first canvas, I portrayed the Korean perspective of feeling disappointment towards the hatred and oppression inflicted upon Asians. Contrarily, the second canvas demonstrates how American media and press generally associate Asian Americans with the “minority” or “model minority” that they are seen to be. Through my art, I hoped to express how explicit and implicit biases limit these communities and force them to fit the role that society assigns to them. The overall black and white theme of these paintings amplify the idea that even with only two colors, there are dynamics within how well things can be seen and how much they can cover; the darker the blobs of paint, the more muddled the things underneath become. Ultimately, I wished to convey the message that just as there are always two sides to every story, there is also always more than one way to look at something and interpret it for yourself. Together, these two paintings deliver my own personal experiences and the sentiments of feeling like a foreigner in your own country.



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