Cafe hopping for students in the Bay Area


Graphics by Katherine Lee

As students continue to settle into the new school year with more and more homework and tests, productivity and efficiency are of utmost importance. Going to new and different study locations is helpful for fresh motivation But with so many options, where is the perfect place to study, if there even is one?w

In search of the perfect place, multiple factors were considered: quietness, commodities and accessibility.

STARBUCKS – 2.9/5  

Everyone and their mom’s go-to place for a quick coffee grab, Starbucks was one of the most popular places with a constant line filled with caffeine-needy customers, but also seats full of chattering pairs. To find a spot to work was most difficult at peak hours in the afternoon and early evening; it was only easy to find seats past sunset and near closing hours. Even during the day and with a seat, working was not easy with constant interruptions from neighboring seats and conversations. With its high occupancy, Starbucks was far from the ideal workplace, but is doable if it is worth the Starbucks drink you have been craving for a week.


Calibear is a unique junction of a normal and an internet cafe in one, cutely decorated with Kumamon plushies and welcoming green-colored space. The setup of the space is split with one half consisting of tables and chairs available for studying and another half with rows of PCs available to rent. Unlike Starbucks, Calibear gets busier the later it gets, as its hours run from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. During the daytime, students are found at the tables doing homework, often in small groups due to the setup of tables of four. During the late night, the PCs are filled with gamers of all ages, from high schoolers to older men. Calibear is popular with students who prefer to work later in the day, though Wi-Fi is only provided with the purchase of food or drink. Overall, Calibear is teenager-friendly and a fun place to work alongside friends and computers to relax mid-study breaks. 


Big Mug, located in Santa Clara, is a very popular cafe amongst high school and college students. Though it is primarily a cafe, Big Mug dedicates a majority of its space to chairs and tables, both long and small, catering to both students who want to work individually or in a social setting. Though you have to purchase food in order for Wi-Fi access, the food and drink of Big Mug are notably delicious, perfect for keeping your energy while studying hard. In terms of noise level, there are both conversing people and also studying students. Overall, Big Mug is a place where you can both study and eat, making studying that much more bearable. 


The Cupertino Library, both easily accessible and easy to work in, is one of the local high school students’ favorite places to work in. Because of its grand two floor space, the library offers both tables and individual desks for students. Additionally, the library has multiple soundproof rooms where students can openly converse and work together. The library offers free Wi-Fi, computer services and comfortable seating for all. Overall, the Cupertino Library remains a student-favorite because of its comfortable environment that allows for maximum productivity and work. 

Overall, the highest ranked location is the Cupertino Library. However, each location has its own perks and benefits depending on who you are working with and what you are working on. Changing your environment for studying can be refreshing and motivating; your brain will definitely thank you!