Chew this: gum review


Graphic by Madelyn Nguyen

The urge to unwrap a stick of gum during class is relentless. Many of us have lost our dignity begging for a piece from a classmate. This insoluble gum base mixed with flavoring and covered in a delicious polyol coating is a necessity for many students — it would be hard to get through a day without it. Gum has a variety of appeals; besides its sweet flavor and ability to reduce hunger temporarily, gum can also be used as a focus tool for students. 

 According to Scientific American, researchers say the action of chewing gum can increase blood flow to brain regions related to attention. This can help students be more alert and improve their reflexes. Gum can help students concentrate for longer periods of time. This all-powerful substance also reduces muscle tension, as seen in a study recently done by the American Institute of Stress. This can help you focus better on your work. Knowing this, gum should be welcomed with open arms into the classroom, but alas, many teachers have banned this delectable treat. 

As teenagers in the modern world, we can constantly find ourselves faced with bans on what we can say or do. Chewing gum offers an alternative since it is allowed everywhere at Fremont except for PE classes, according to official Fremont rules. Despite this, some teachers resent the loud popping and chewing noises that might cause distractions. However, gum’s benefits outweigh its drawbacks. Teachers should permit students to chew gum in class due to the concentration it provides. Simply put: gum helps students concentrate. 

So, what is the best type of gum? The brand of gum you choose – Orbit, Extra, 45 or 5 Gum – does not matter at the end of the day. However, flavor matters above anything else. Personally, we appreciate a good piece of watermelon gum. Although, a good piece of mint is a close second. Mint is a controversial topic, as it seems that today, everyone is a critic. Peppermint, Spearmint and Polar ice all seem the same to us, but that is an opinion that would get us kicked out of quite a few gum enthusiast clubs if we were to attend.

Gum can increase attention, reflexes and brain function when chewed, specifically due to its ability to influence multiple senses at once. This focuses the mind, halting potential distractions. Whatever your brand of choice, your preferred flavor or your motive for popping a piece of gum, gum has a plethora of benefits for the average person – especially students.