Chew this: gum review


Graphic by Madelyn Nguyen

What is gum? It’s not candy but it’s certainly not healthy for you. Its’ only real purpose is to be smushed and chewed and distorted for long periods of time in a person’s mouth. So, why can’t we as Fremont Students stop chewing gum? Why must we constantly be chewing during lectures or walking through classes? The urge to unwrap a stick of gum during class is relentless, and many of us have lost our dignity while begging for a piece from a classmate. This Insoluble gum base mixed with flavoring and covered in a delicious polyol coating is almost a painstaking necessity, one that it would be hard to get through A days without. So, what’s the appeal? It can’t be the flavor of fruit that goes away within the first 20 seconds of chewing and it certainly isn’t the loud smacking noises when everyone around you is also enjoying a piece. Gum is a focus tool, one that high school students are currently adopting.

*Pop* quiz! What can help stop your eyes from watering while cutting onions? Gum! Not only can gum help you concentrate while cutting your vegetables but it can also help you focus in class. Gum helps you become more alert so the next time you jump in the car and drive to San Francisco, pop in a piece of gum and see the benefits on the road. This all-powerful substance also reduces muscle tension which helps you focus better on your work. Knowing this, gum should be welcomed with open arms into the classroom, but alas, many teachers don’t allow this delicious snack.

Despite most fun and enjoyable activities being either illegal or dangerous, the art of chewing gum is neither. Chewing gum is allowed everywhere at Fremont except for PE classes according to official Fremont rules. Some teachers resent the loud popping and chewing noises that might hint at distractions for students, but this potential distraction benefits the students so much that it must be ignored. The focus and concentration that comes out of letting students chew gum is beneficiary enough to be worth the risk!

It is understandable why teachers and administrators wouldn’t want to condone gum on campus. We have all had our fair share of sticky situations involving gum, whether it is stepping on it, getting it in our hair, or finding it underneath our desks.

So, what’s the best type of gum? Brands don’t matter to the average person, but they matter a lot to gum enthusiasts. Orbit, Extra, 45, Trident, the brand of gum you choose doesn’t matter at the end of the day, however, flavor matters above anything else. Personally, I appreciate a good piece of watermelon gum, however, I will never reject a good piece of mint. Mint is a controversial topic, as it seems that today, everyone is a critic. Peppermint, Spearmint, and Polar Ice all seem the same to me, an opinion that would get me kicked out of quite a few gum enthusiast clubs if I were to attend.

Despite your brand of choice, your preferred flavor, or your motive for popping in a piece of gum, gum brings us together as a community. Catch me in the halls chewing my watermelon gum on the way to class and I’ll consider giving you a piece.