FHS teachers retiring


Photo Courtesy of Abigail Callahan

Joe Howard

Mr. Howard has been working at FHS for 31 years. Though now the Choir Director and Music Genesis teacher, he once oversaw the entire music department and played a role in the construction of the amphitheater. 

“We went from the ugliest campus in the district to I think one of the most beautiful campuses in all the United States,” Howard said.

Despite having worked at other schools, he is particularly fond of the FHS student body. With his new-found time, he will be able to enjoy life with his wife Arlis and continue his passion for music through community outreach projects. He also plans to resume his passion as a youth pastor. 

Virginia Leoni

Working as a science teacher at FHS for 19 years, Ms. Leoni has taught everything from AP Environmental Science to Sheltered Biology. 

During her tenure, she has seen the school’s negative reputation transform into a positive one and states that FHS has grown exponentially since she first started teaching here. 

“Fremont [is] a really quality school with quality teachers and great programs in place to help all students,” Leoni said. 

One of her favorite memories at FHS was getting married on campus during a school day to a fellow Biology teacher, John Magee. During this ceremony, students were encouraged to watch in the amphitheater. Now she and her husband will retire together.  

“I’ll do whatever I want whenever I want,” Leoni said. 

John Magee

Mr. Magee began teaching at FHS when chalkboards were still in use, which was 31 years ago. He taught AP Biology for 29 of those years and currently teaches ninth-grade Biology.

“Now the teachers are a lot more qualified, they’re a lot better,” Magee said. “The teachers these days cut out the teachers those days, easily.”

His favorite memory on campus was also the wedding. During his retirement, he plans to go back to school. 

“In September, I’m going to start a two-year Culinary Arts Degree up in Bend, Oregon, so I’m going to be a student again for two years,” Magee said.