“Outer Banks” thrills for a third time around


Photo courtesy of Popsugar

The show “Outer Banks” focuses on a group of teenagers, the Pogues — Kiara, JJ, John B and Pope ­­­­­— living on islands off the coast of North Carolina who constantly seek adventure. Those going against them, the higher class of the town, are known as the Kooks. 

Most of the first season is focused on the life of John B and his search for millions of dollars worth of gold that led to his father’s supposed death. He lures his friends in on the search and they meet Sarah, who they befriend. Sarah becomes the center of John B’s love life. Their main obstacle through their search is Sarah’s father, who also wants the treasure. Her chosen path sends her and John B on a wild chase through the islands of the Bahamas. The second season follows the escape of John B and Sarah. After a couple episodes, they make it back home. The show ends with an exciting cliffhanger.

The third season was released on Feb. 23, 2023. Some viewers hoped for more chemistry between the Pogues, especially JJ and Kiara.

 “Kiara and JJ feel like characters that are really good friends with really good chemistry and I think we’re trying to explore that and navigate where that lands us with, like you know, The Pogues,” the actress Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah Cameron, said in a recent interview. 

Viewers from FHS are pumped up for the show’s newest episodes and have expressed their own perspective of the show and its success. 

“I am expecting lots of chaos throughout the season and I am most excited for John B seeing his dad again and how the rest of the Pogues are going to react,” Aliyah Hopkins said. 

 Viewers such as Hopkins have realized similarities between themselves and the Pogues outside of treasure hunting.  

“I think that it can be relatable sometimes, especially when it comes to the Pogues’ relationships with their parents and with each other,” Hopkins said.

In the third season, the adventures of the Pogues instantly proved to be captivating and suspenseful, through their escape of the island they have been stranded on for almost a month. If anyone is familiar with the Pogues then it is quite clear that they never really have a successful escape, and this season continues to prove that point. The main characters definitely spice up the scenes in the first couple of episodes, but props should also be given towards the villains in this series as new faces make their debut and leave the Pogues in great fear and danger. Every type of aspect in the filmmaking process clearly added to the visuals of this show. Whether that be through the lighting effects, the entertaining music or the unexpected plot twists, this season lived up to the expectations of all its viewers. For instance, relationships, such as JJ and Kiara, grow closer as the season continues on and their highlighted relationship even has its own episode focused on their love for each other.

The season ends on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers waiting for Season 4, as a man presents the Pogues with a new adventure, one sure to puzzle them and entertain them along the way as most adventure  does. “Outer Banks” in total has come back with yet another strategically planned season that most certainly leaves viewers excited about the endless possibilities and theories to come.