School Lunch line



Graphic courtesy to istock

This year, Fremont implemented school lunch line changes. Despite the small modifications, many students were quick to voice their criticism.  

Last year, the school lunch line moved fast, and people had time to eat. However, this year, especially at brunch, people stand in line for almost the entire break and by the time they get their food, the bell rings, so they do not have the time to eat. On top of this, the line is unorganized and chaotic. One thing that causes this is the increase of students getting lunch compared to last year. An issue like this is the school’s responsibility, and needs to be fixed.

While Interviewing students about the issue, there were many similar opinions on it. Everyone that was asked about it, did not like the new settings. “It’s too long,” Disha Esak, a  FHS sophomore, said. “Especially during brunch, people don’t have enough time to get food and eat it.” Indeed, a student that wants to get food from the cafeteria, will have to wait at least 10 minutes in line out of a 15 minute brunch. “It’s too complicated to find out where to go,” Elinor Segev, a sophomore, said. 

A majority of people agreed the line is very scattered and messy, with people cutting the line. There were also complaints about the location of the line. Unlike last year, the line serpentines between the B and C buildings which makes it unclear to find the beginning of the line. The lack of signs indicating directions definitely contributes to that. “The location of the lunch line is not good….I don’t like how the line is now outdoors,” sophomore Shira Zilber said. 

After discussing the issues, people were asked about their solutions for the situation. Students agreed that the most pressing issue is the schedule. “I think instead of a 10 minute passing period, we should have a five minute passing period and that’s five more minutes to brunch,” Zilber said. Another suggestion in similar lines has been made by Noa Halevy, a sophomore: “They should make flex shorter and put the time instead of flex into brunch so we can actually have time to eat.” Additional idea is to simplify the line, “It should be indoors like how it was last year.” Zilber said.

To conclude, many people do not like the new schedule this year and prefer last year’s schedule. The overall consensus is to make a change in the schedule that will add more time to brunch, while also making more lines with less people per line. By doing so, people will have enough time to get their food and eat before class starts.