Spotify’s AI DJ drops


Graphic by Lydia Malashock

On February 22, 2023, Spotify came out with its new AI DJ. DJ X, named after Spotify’s head of cultural partnerships, gives music recommendations based on what people listen to on a daily basis while also featuring throwbacks and new suggestions. Spotify describes the feature as “a personalized AI guide that knows you and your music taste so well that it can choose what to play for you.” 

Though it may throw some listeners off, his voice sounds very natural and human-like, making it feel as though someone is actually talking. This voice was curated using OpenAI’s Generative AI technology; Spotify expresses it as a “stunningly realistic voice.” However, some people are not fully sold on this. 

“His voice kinda scares me,” FHS junior Milo Wholley said. “It catches me off guard when he just randomly starts talking; I’m not sure if I like it.” 

Currently, the AI DJ is exclusively for Premium users. To access the feature, click on the “Music” category at the top of the home page, and select the blue icon with a green ring labeled “DJ.” X will give you a few songs in a certain genre, based on a certain artist or previous listening habits. If one does not like the set, they can click the blue icon next to the skip button on the bottom right-hand corner, and from there he will make the listener a new set. 

Most of the reviews have had positive feedback in the new addition. Although, it is clear that it has mixed reviews from listeners. 

“[the DJ] brings back a lot of old music which is really nostalgic and brings me back to songs that I’ve forgotten about,” FHS Sophmore Addie Diesner said.

On the other hand, Twitter user, Lillian Ardis, writes, “Spotify DJ is so out of pocket: ‘Let’s listen to a song about communication issue of a couple: let’s see if you can relate.’” 

The DJ even went viral on TikTok after its debut, which gained a lot of attention. People freaked out when some users got the soft launch but others did not, and others made videos of X saying things like “I can [tell] by your listening that you were neglected as a child.” However, some of these videos may have been edited due to AI being so easy to manipulate. 

AI seems to be taking new forms every day, and it is exciting to see a music program that personalizes playlists for users beyond the “Daily Mix’s” provided. X’s