“The Invitation” Review


Photo courtesy of Charles Chang

Spoilers are an interesting subject. Some say that spoilers destroy a movie, but others say spoilers enhance them. There is that then there is going in completely blind, which creates a whole new experience. This experience can turn a trash-tier movie into an enjoyable watch. One of these zero-to-hero films is “The Invitation,” which has horrible reviews. Some people say the movie was slow and boring and others say it was obvious. All of this, though, was because they had the ending spoiled by the trailer. Unlike them, I went into the movie blind as a bat, and that made the movie spectacular.

The whole premise of “The Invitation” revolves around a single mystery. The mystery in question is of a mansion filled with spooky British people. Funky things happen as things slowly reveal themselves. The fun of the movie is piecing together all the clues to solve the mystery. Is the spooky stuff a incest cult? Or is it an evil spirit? Maybe even Michael Morbius from the hit movie of 2022? All of those might be as true as Morbius is funny.

This movie, “The Invitation,” may not be the best film, but it is a pretty decent one as long as you watch it completely blind. The slightest spoiler ruins the movie, as once you solve the mystery, the movie gets a tad bit boring. In essence, it is a fun watch if you are willing to ignore every bit of information on it.