“The Sandman” Review


Photo courtesy of Netflix

Neil Gaiman’s underrated and mythical comic book series, “The Sandman,” has been adapted into a popular Netflix and was released on Aug 5. Anyone who is interested in mythological topics such as gods, angels or demons would definitely find this series entertaining. 

The beginning of the series introduces the Sandman (Tom Sturridge), who goes by the name Lord Morpheus, also known as Dream. He protects his realm, The Dreaming, from the Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook). He travels through worlds of magic and myths with the help of Dream’s raven Matthew (Patton Oswalt) and his librarian Lucienne (Vivienne Acheampong).

The plot of Dream finding out and destroying the Corinthians plan was really interesting for viewers since they were able to witness what Dream can do and also learn about his family. The story does not just center on the two main characters fighting, but also focuses on the backstories of side characters like Rose Walker (Vanesu Samunyai) and Rodrick Burgess (Charles Dance), making it easier for the audience to connect with them.

Overall, “the Sandman” was an easy and enjoyable story that came to life in a magnificent way. The story evolved over time, going in so many different directions that at certain times during certain episodes I had no idea if the series was still about “The Sandman”. It ended up being really entertaining to see how it tied up and  this  complexity made the plot more interesting. 

While watching the series, you can tell that the team that created the magic and the mythical realms that Dream crosses over worked hard on it to make it look so real. The production values were like a Harry Potter movie. The actors who took on the roles nailed their performance, embodying the gods, angels and demons they played. Dream was a serious and centered character and The Corinthian having a more energetic and malicious attitude as the villian.


“The Sandman” series overall did not disappoint on the story telling of Dream and numerous other myths that have been told for many centuries. The storyline and work to create the visuals looked magnificent. Even thought it is already a popular netflix series it deserves a whole lot more views than it has.