Tik Tok’s new popular trend: shifting

With difficult times like these, many of us find comfort in watching the movies that made up our childhood. It’s easy to forget about our life problems and dive ourselves into the fictional universe in front of us, as oftentimes, fantasy does seem better than reality.

Recently, there seems to have been a way to make these fictional worlds come to life. Tik Tok, arguably the most popular social media platform to this current day, has recently had multiple creators talk about their experiences in the incredibly popular universe, Hogwarts. These creators have spoken about their experiences with “shifting” and how to do it. I, among many others, was confused and skeptical with what these creators were sharing, but decided to devour the internet for more information about shifting and what it’s all about.

“Shifting” is the idea that a person is transferring their consciousness into another reality. Many people recently have been sharing their experiences of transferring to their desired reality (DR) which is most often, but not limited to, Hogwarts. According to CFNN, shifting should be done with meditation. When your mind and body are relaxed, you can enter a meditative state can incorporate this daydream into your subconscious as that is where shifting occurs. If one is not in a meditative state of mind, they will not be able to successfully shift.

Shifting is a lot like lucid dreaming, where a person is aware that they are dreaming and can control that world. In order to shift, there are lots of methods that can be used that are similar to lucid dreaming methods. Shifting is supposed to feel like a very vivid dream.

To plan for shifting, most people start by writing out their script or objective for what they want to happen in this reality. A script will act like a guide in this world, which will be how everything plays out. Scripts can be as long as one desires and is not even a requirement for shifting. Scripts often include the people individuals want to be friends with in our DR, or even who they want to have romantic relations with. Most people also find it useful to script out that they can’t die in this world, as if they do, they automatically return to this reality. They also script their safe word or action that lets them return to the current reality. 

There are several different methods for shifting. Some of the more popular methods include the “raven” method and the “pillow” method. According to I-D, the raven method is a method that involves lying down in a starfish position right as you are going to fall asleep and counting from one to 100 while imagining your desired reality. Supposedly when you reach 100, you will find yourself in your DR. Another method that can be used is the pillow method, where the person attempting to shift has to put their physical script under their pillow, close their eyes and like the previous method, think about the world they are shifting in to. When they open their eyes, they are supposed to be in their DR once again.

The idea of shifting is an overwhelming concept for many, but desperate times do seem to call for desperate measures. A lot of people have shared their stories about shifting successfully and it happens to be completely safe. The idea is quite thrilling and even just writing out a script without having any plans to shift is exciting. All in all, shifting is worth a try even if it seems scary.