“We Have a Ghost” Review


The movie “We Have A Ghost” was released on Feb. 2, 2023. It is only available on Netflix and is a little over two hours long.

The film focuses on the Presley family as they  move into a new house. While touring his new home, the youngest son Kevin discovers the attic. While exploring the attic he notices that a pool ball has just rolled between his legs. Curious, Kevin goes to take a look but is scared by his older brother Fulton. After Fulton leaves the attic, Kevin continues to explore. While exploring the attic once more, Kevin is interrupted by a ghost trying to scare him. Unafraid, Kevin records the ghost still trying to scare him even though he’s showing no signs of fear. After a couple of seconds, the ghost stops and runs away. The next day Kevin returns back to the attic to try and talk to the ghost. After trying to call the ghost out, Kevin decides to sing to try and show the ghost that he means no harm. Once again the ghost tries scaring him. After telling the ghost that his life is scarier he moves some boxes and sits down on one. After inviting the ghost to sit down Kevins talks with the ghost, finding out he has no memory and can’t speak. While talking to the ghost Kevin assumes his name is Ernest because it is written on the ghost’s shirt.

Later that day Fulton steals Kevin’s phone because he got his phone taken. During this Fulton comes across the video of Ernest trying to scare Kevin.Fulton then shows their dad, After seeing this he makes Kevin send him  the video of the ghost and later on posts it on social media.  After a couple days Kevin takes them to the ghost in the attic. While in the attic Kevin calls out to Ernest to try and show him to his brother and his father. Kevin realizes that calling out doesn’t work so he decides to start singing again. Ernest then pokes his head out from a wall. Kevin looks at him saying it’s okay and for him to come out. Ernest then walks all the way out from the wall towards Kevin and his family. Fulton then starts recording Ernest. While Kevin is explaining to his family who Ernest is he hears his mom coming up the attic stairs. The mom then walks through Ernest without knowing, She then turns around staring at Ernest. She then screams loudly which then causes Ernest to run off screaming. After the social media videos of Ernest start blowing up they call a medium named Judy Romano. They ask her if she can come to their house for an interview and to show off Ernest to the world. While the television crew sets up in the living room Kevin is in his room showing Ernest how to successfully scare people by showing him various horror movies. While Judy calls out to Ernest he makes a big entry by slamming all the doors in the house.

Judy still isn’t convinced that Ernest is real so he transforms his body into a weird creature that then crawls towards her. When hes at the bottom of her feet he transforms back. A weird looking hand then shoots out of his mouth that then chokes Judy.AFter this event passes Kevin is then met by his next door neighbor at school. She takes him into the bathroom to talk to him about Ernest. She tells Kevin that she wants to try and save Ernest so he can pass on. They do some research on past owners of the house searching for people named Ernest. They come across this person named Ernest Scheller. They then connect Ernest Scheller to the bowling alley that’s on Ernests shirt. Ernest, Kevin, and Joy all go to the bowling ally to try and see if they can get any leads. Not finding anything they decide to try and go to Ernest Scheller’s house to speak with him.