5 top websites to play around with

As we make it through these months with few or no public meetups and more free time, boredom has become more prevalent. At what point does checking your usual online areas become dull? Have you considered wasting your time on a new website? Try taking a look at these five!

1. Artbreeder

Azula’s gang from Avatar: The Last Airbender, transformed into live-action by Artbreeder. (Artbreeder)

Artbreeder is a free to use AI artistic image generator. All users are free to combine their AI-assisted images of people, landscapes and even others like anime characters together into various creations. Users can also upload their own images to see how AI would imagine them as a person or a landscape. If you ever wanted to see how the cast of Avatar: the Last Airbender would look like as real people or looked for a website to make an abomination of a person, look no further than Artbreeder.

2. AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lead a kingdom or work as a bounty hunter? Give AI Dungeon a try! Like Artbreeder, AI Dungeon is an AI text generator that acts as an interactive storybook to your imagination. The AI allows users to type in any prompt to guide their stories before automatically adding in characters, descriptions and items of its own. If you want to skip through a field of daisies with a dinosaur or fight against a band of orcs, just type it in. Along with you on your adventure are buttons such as “Undo,” “Redo” and “World Info,” in order to keep the AI on track or to improve your story. In addition to user-created stories and scenarios that can be shared with all on the Explore tab, AI Dungeon provides free and paid worlds created by the designers to try. The newly implemented scale system allows users to receive scales every day, which can then be used to buy new worlds or tip other users. The developers, Latitude, update frequently to deliver the best experience.


3. Rave.dj

Rave DJ

To top off the AI-assisted websites of this list is Rave DJ. Rave can create “Mashups” of two songs or “Mixes” of three or more songs. Rave DJ even allows users to import their Spotify and Youtube playlists for a nonstop video that blends together seamlessly (at times) with no ad interruption during the video as of this publication. If a music video is available with your song, it will play. There are no limits to the number of mashups and mixes you can create, just as long as the songs you choose aren’t longer than eight minutes. If you feel that your musical creation sounds a little off, you can always try a different combination of songs or listen to other users’ videos to see how far the AI can go.


4. The Wayback Machine

Amazon.com, circa Oct. 15, 2016. (Wayback Machine)

Want to see how Amazon.com looked like in the late 90s or the early 2000s? Take a visit to the Wayback Machine, an online archive of websites that goes back to 1996. Enter nearly any website URL and search by year, month, date and even time to see what a web page looked like to visitors of the web more than two decades or less ago.  


5. Radio Garden 

Radio Garden

Experience the sounds of the world without leaving your bed. Radio Garden brings you an array of radio stations just by clicking on or tapping on the spread of green dots on a globe. Some cities may have multiple stations to listen to, allowing you to find your favorite. You can ‘heart’ certain stations you like so you can come back to them later. Try listening to a song or conversation in a language that you’re studying and see how many words you can recognize!


Even during this aggravating time, it’s still possible to find entertainment. Try these websites out and see what you think!