Making money


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Most fast-food restaurants and stores accept high school employees. However, a job naturally demands time and commitment, something that many students simply do not or cannot afford. Some students do not have the time to work four to eight-hour shifts and in other cases; parents will not let them work. Every teen’s situation is different. However, money is important to every teen, job or no job, as students can use the money to hang out with friends, buy the latest product of Harry Styles’ nail polish line and whatnot. There are more than just fast food and retail store positions available to the working teenager.

The rise of technology has brought forth the ability to make connections with people outside of one’s inner circle. Apps allow extensive communication between strangers and some are specifically designed for the job search. For teens reaching the legal age of eighteen or who have already reached it, apps such as Rover are great opportunities to make quick cash on any desired schedule. Rover is an app where pet owners can find pet sitters, dog walkers, and boarding. An account and a profile are all that is required. The profile is a bit like a resume where you advertise your preferred services such as dog walking, pet sitter, or more. The profile also displays your predetermined pay rate. Pet owners directly respond to the ads and work out a schedule with the teens.

Most apps designed for the job search require the applicant to be near or of legal age. However, there is another avenue for teens looking to make money that may not meet the typical age requirements. Nextdoor Neighbor is an app that connects people from the same neighborhood to talk about local events, jobs and more. More often than not, many neighbors make posts looking for tutors, babysitters, dog walkers and other small jobs.

All in all, there are many unconventional ways to make money as a teen. It simply requires research and determination. Making quick connections with people via apps can quickly open doors to new quick cash opportunities.