Dating Safely

Hello fellow boys, we gather here in this article to explain safety tips on relationships/dating. Before we start on the meat of this article I must address that this is meant for primarily male since I have no experience as a girl in love. Although a newspaper this article is categorized in “Opinion” so my own personal thought will be mixed in here thus making this more for males than females. 

Back when I was a wee sixth grader I had a dream, or two to be specific. At the time when I had these two dreams I was thinking about dating as any preteen would do. With that literally in mind I had two consecutive dreams displaying the dangers of relationships. Seeing as I was a sixth grader at the time it doesn’t take a mastermind to figure out that I never thought about dating afterwards for many years after that. Thanks brain. So to instill the fears I once had about dating and for educational purposes here are those tips I learned back in Dream Dating Academy 101.

When your average school student thinks about dating they don’t realize something. They aren’t participating in regular dating, they’re participating in teenage dating. There is a distinct difference between the two. Teens such as you and myself have this well known problem called puberty. This puberty can bring many problems with one of the main problems being mood swings. With these mood swings you could find yourself with a whole shabang of problems ranging from terrible to more terrible. ere’s an example. Imagine if you saw this hot girl and followed your mood swings and eventually got yourself a girlfriend. A week later that strong emotion wears off and all of a sudden you’re with a girl you don’t really care about. Your relationship will become a drag as you try to justify your feelings for a girl you thought was hot last week in the library. In the end you feel stressed and eventually just break up feeling terrible. Now think about this little tale, all this could be avoided if you stop and reevaluate your teenage feelings. Before trying anything, hold onto those feelings to see if they last for about a year or so. If so, then you’re probably looking at a semi-healthy relationship.

Now onto something that most men will find controversial. Just because the girl you’re aiming for is “pretty and nice” doesn’t exactly mean that she is a good person for you. Most boys say these two things or say they like her personality… those people are wrong. But the main point I’m trying to say here is ask your friends about the girl you like. Could save you from problems you didn’t see because they were “nice” in your head.

When most people think of relationships they think of wondrous days of love and stuff. Most forget that not all of the moments in a relationship are going to be that perfect part of romantic with the scented candles. Dating is a giant time sink which you will definitely lose all your time on. Keep that in mind, don’t think all the time you spend will be wondrous. So don’t get irrational when things aren’t looking too hot (heh). As a wise man said high hopes make low dopes. 

Those were the basic things to keep in mind when dating or confessing. So with these facts make sure you use your better judgment as to not make a mistake that’ll haunt you the rest of your life.