“Freeridge” Review


Photo Courtesy of Netflix

The Netflix show “Freeridge” is a spin-off of the show “On My Block,” featuring all new characters. “Freeridge” was released on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023, and has a total of eight roughly 30-minute episodes. Overall, “Freeridge” takes a less realistic approach to its storyline in comparison to “On My Block.”

The original series “On My Block” features Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Jamal (Brett Grey), Rudy (Jason Genao) and Monse (Sierra Capri); a foursome grappling with typical teenage struggles. One big challenge in this show is that the three teenagers, Rudy, Jamal and Monse, have to find a way to get their friend out of a gang. This one challenge slowly increases into multiple challenges for the group of friends. 

“Freeridge” centers around four teenagers: Gloria (Keyla Monterroso Mejia), Ines (Bryana Salaz), Cameron (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) and Demi (Ciara Riley Wilson). Gloria and Ines are twin sisters. Gloria and Ines are the heart of the freeridge show. They both attend the same school and have the same friend group. The two sisters have a very intense case of sibling rivalry which leads to many problems. Cameron is one of Gloria and Ines’ friends. Cameron’s goal in the group is to break up with his boyfriend Andre, but says he is too in love with him. Demi is also a friend of Gloria and Ines. The series chronicles the group’s journey after they accidentally release a curse from a box that brings them terrible misfortune. It all starts when Gloria and Ines decide to host a yard sale to make some quick cash in order to pay their Uncle Tonio. They need to pay Tonio for covering them pretending to be their father when they got into a fight at school. Previously, their uncle had threatened that if they do not pay up, the next time the school calls, he will call his brother,their father. At the yardsale, Cameron finds a box with the letters “M.M.” engraved on it. After experiencing a series of unfortunate events, the group of friends eventually discover that the box they found is cursed.

Overall I do not think that the spin-off “Freeridge” is better than the original show “On My Block.” The show could have been more realistic just like the original show, and I think that would have made the show way better. For example, if the show did not revolve around the curse but still included the curse, I think the show could have been better. The very first scene to the first episode is probably my favorite because it’s a very interesting way to start a show. The scene was of Gloria and Ines fighting at school.