FUHSD free lunches

Photo courtesy of Isaac Tiscareno

Photo courtesy of Isaac Tiscareno

On Friday, March 13, 2020 the Fremont Union High School District closed all schools in the district due to the growing coronavirus pandemic. This school closure meant that students who would normally rely on free or reduced-price lunches could no longer receive them, due to not being able to go to the schools.

Consequently, the district was forced to spring into action and the following Tuesday, an email was sent to inform students of the grab-and-go meal sites that had been set up. Originally, the sites were stationed at all of the district’s schools and a satellite location at Fair Oaks Park. This location was chosen because many FHS students live four or more miles away from the school, and for those students, the park is a much more convenient pick-up location.

However, on April 6, the five schools with grab-and-go meal pickup sites were cut down to three due to low demand for them at the Lynbrook and Monta Vista sites. The remaining sites continue to provide a total of around 1100 breakfasts and lunches per day according to the FUHSD Food Services Manager Divya Puri. The hope is that providing these free meals will help ease financial stress on families.

“It’s really challenging for them not being in school and the parents may be losing jobs or not knowing how their jobs will be in the future, and fear and stress out there, so we’re trying our best to make sure no child goes hungry, no student goes hungry, that’s our goal,” Puri said.

The meal pick up stations are open from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and supply two days’ worth of breakfast and lunch. The stations are able to provide meals for people who drive up or walk up. Each meal consists of a main source of carbs and protein such as a mini pizza, a snack such as popcorn, fresh fruit or vegetables and apple sauce or juice for both breakfast and lunch.

Puri said that they will continue to provide the meals for as long as they are required and may continue to provide them into the summer.