Scientists’ Rebellion


Photo Courtesy of Pelle de Brabandar

The climate crisis has been a decade-long issue, unaddressed by those in power. Recently, many scientists are demanding action–an immediate shift to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of gathering energy and preventing deforestation. Currently, burning fossil fuels is the main method used by many countries to generate energy. Fossil fuels pollute water and air, causing an increase in the temperature, leading to climate change.  

Scientist Rebellion is an organization founded in Scotland by Ph.D. students made up of scientists and activists, with the purpose of spreading awareness about climate change. On their website, they provide ways in which one can join or help the cause in addition to websites that help educate and prove the credibility of their claims. 

“As scientists, we have tried writing reports and giving presentations about the climate and ecological crisis to those in power,” the organization’s mission statement said. “We must now have the humility to accept these attempts have not worked. Now is the time for us to take action so that we show how seriously we take our warnings.” 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was a leaked report made by the government on climate change. The report included studies that revealed industries ignoring emissions thresholds in order to avoid accountability. According to, observing carbon capture is the key component to reducing carbon emissions.

Scientists urge many to switch to more sustainable options like solar and wind energy, which have recently become more affordable. Aside from sustainable energy, scientists also demand the protection of the environment. Studies show that 20-80% is the threshold for Amazon’s deforestation; it is currently at 1%.

Scientists have gathered worldwide to spread awareness of the ecological climate crisis. Their week-long protests consisted of nonviolent tactics such as civil disobedience. For example, some scientists chained themselves to buildings that heavily support the use of fossil fuels; these actions were met with arrests. 

Outside of the organization, the Scientist Rebellion and other climate activists have other ways of advocating for climate change. On Earth day, Wynn Alan Bruce self-immolated in front of the Supreme Court to condemn the government’s methods in tackling the climate crisis. 

These acts of advocation towards the world’s crisis are yet to be officially addressed by the government.