Vibrational Beings & The Ascension

Vibrational Beings & The Ascension

Parnia Ayoubi, Staff Writer

Our universe is made up of vibrating particles. There is energy all around us. Everything is constantly vibrating on a certain level of frequency. It is impossible for energy to die. Energy is invisible to the physical eye, however everyone can feel different vibrations. This is because everyone is always giving off a certain frequency that can be absorbed by another person. Law of attraction is the idea that when you focus your energy into something it is given back to you. So if one stays positive and focuses on spreading good energy, they will receive that as well. However, if one is focusing on the poor things in life and what they are lacking, it will negatively impact them because they are attracting that. There are different ways to view how vibrations work. Human consciousness affects water and we can see that through experimentation. This process helps visualize the effects of different vibrations. Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese businessman, scientist, and author who wrote a New York Times best seller, “The Hidden Messages in Water.” As a scientist he conducted an experiment to see the effect of the vibrations on our words. In his experiment, he exposed some water to a positive speech and compared it to water that was associated with negative speech and vibrations. The different water sources provide crystalline structures that were either beautiful or displeasing depending on the vibration the water had.

Different emotions correlate with what vibrations are being given off in that particular moment. Feelings of anger and shame vibrate around 20-30 HZ which is very low compared to neutrality which is 250 HZ. HZ or Hertz is the standard unit of measurement used for measuring frequency. When someone is in a state of neutrality, they see reality for what it truly is. This state of mind is very hard to reach because whether a person is aware of it or not, inner worlds are constantly being projected. In Kundalini yoga there is a belief that humans have ten energy bodies total and three of those are mental bodies. There is the positive mind, the negative mind, and the neutral mind. The neutral mind allows you to manage your energy in a more beneficial way. Someone who is coming from a negative mindset has different actions and beliefs than a person with a positive or neutral mindset. Some traits of a low vibrational being: suffers feelings of jealousy, bitterness/resentment, guilt, shame, gossiping, negative thoughts and struggle to see beauty in reality. Some traits of a high vibrational being are: staying in the present, creativity, gratitude, forgiveness, vibrance, and trustworthiness. These different vibrational states can be discovered through a spiritual awakening. When it comes to socializing with others, some people may be more aware of others’ energy. Empaths are people that are extremely sensitive to other’s energy. The characteristics vary from strong intuition, high sensitivity, and high empathy levels to frequent isolation and the need for alone time to recharge their energy. Every person has an energetic aura surrounding their body. In order to protect this aura, one must protect themselves from negative energy. This correlates with low vibrational beings and actions. If someone is resonating on a certain frequency that is lower than another, it causes that person’s frequency to decrease and the other persons increase. Energy is always changing. 

Crystals are geodes that each carry different frequencies. Crystals are used to promote emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. Each geode carries different healing powers. Rose quartz is the rosy pink stone of universal love. It encourages self love, deep inner healing, feelings of tranquility and opens the heart. Selenite is a glistening milky white crystal that cleanses and purifies its environment. It clears negative energies and can charge other crystals. An individual can charge crystals by placing the rock in saltwater with an intention. There is an infinite amount of healing properties that crystals provide. Crystals neutralize your energy, and heal the body from the inside out. Every healing rock has a certain vibration. These frequencies can be picked up by our bodies through our chakras. Chakras are the main energy centers in our body that are located along the spine. The chakra system originated from India and there are seven called: the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. These energy centers are located in different parts of the body, and extend along the spine. Crystals can bring balance to an individual’s mind and promote healing benefits both emotionally and physically.

What is an ascension? For thousands of years we have stayed in third dimensional consciousness, the ego consciousness. A person’s ego is their “identity” or a lens that they view themselves with. The third dimension overall has to do with the physical body and materialistic items. What is happening right now is a mass awakening of consciousness across the planet earth. In this new age of aquarius, everything will be unified. The age of aquarius, or also known as the great conjunction, is an important cosmic event that will be taking place on December 21, 2020. The two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn will be aligning for the very first time in 400 years! Both planets symbolize social issues and our outer worlds. Things that were once kept in the dark will be out in the open. Overall, 2020 has been a rough year with a lot of traumatic events taking place and a lot of truths are being exposed. Not everyone is going to be involved in this ascension, because some individuals are still in the ego consciousness mindset. All these experiences across the world that are happening right now are the most impactful and are going to shape us as a society. This ascension with earth to the fourth and fifth dimension will be focused on living in unity, love and peace.