What to wear when running in cold air


Photo Courtesy of Austin Fit Magazine

When you want to burn some calories by jogging, weight training or any other means of exercise, you still need to adopt an informal dress code. Wearing comfortable, practical clothing is key in enjoying your workouts, so what should you wear when exercising?

It is important that your athletic clothes must be made out of nylon or polyester. The reason most athletic clothes are made of polyester is because that type of fabric is durable, meaning that it can last plenty of rigorous training. Polyester is also very breathable and lightweight, allowing one to have a wide range of movements. The material also allows sweat to evaporate, keeping your skin relatively dry. Nylon also has the same properties as polyester with an added strength and more moisture absorbency. 

Another important asset to consider for an effective workout is the type of shoes you are wearing. You cannot wear one style of shoe for any exercise or your feet will get injured through sprains, fractures, or more. Each sports shoe is designed uniquely to help you in a specific sport or activity. For example, running shoes are lightweight, shock absorbent and there is a cushion embedded in the soles so you do not suffer from foot fatigue when you are running. Tennis shoes on the other hand are made so your feet have more flexibility for quick side-to-side movements on grass and clay courts. Basketball shoes have extra protection on the ankles to prevent injuries caused by jumping. Meanwhile, soccer shoes have cleats to provide players more stability when they are cutting, sprinting or pushing. 

Now, what does one wear when one wants to go for a run, but it is very freezing and windy outside? Feeling cold can impede your exercise as less oxygen is flowing to the muscles, making them stiff. Simply wearing one layer is not enough to prevent you from getting a cough, bronchitis or even sometimes symptoms of asthma. To protect your lungs from cold air when running, wear a bandanna or a scarf over your mouth or nose to warm up the air you breathe. Make sure to also wear multiple layers of clothing such as an undershirt, shirt, and an outer layer such as a jacket, hoodie or windbreaker. 

Now, where do you buy all this athletic clothing? Buy them from brands you like or whatever is the most convenient for you at the moment. Personally, I like to buy my athletic wear at Sports Basement. They have a wide variety of options for different needs so your choices are never limited. Not to mention the staff is generally kind and knowledgeable of the appropriate athletic wear and can cater to your specific needs.

What you wear when you are exercising matters. They determine your comfort level, the chances of you getting injured and whether you get sick or not. It is all determined by pieces of clothing specifically made for those functions.