Why weight does not matter


Weight: A number that represents the relative mass of an object. But to many, weight is so much more. The number shown on one’s scale can easily make or break somebody’s day. For many, their entire self-image revolves around that number and they are willing to do whatever they can to get to a number they find pleasing. In reality, that number holds no significance as to who you are.

In today’s society, the perception of being “beautiful” and “healthy” is destructive. The constant bombardment of good looking celebrities and attractive models significantly impacts one’s self-image as well as self-esteem. Due to this many people struggle with the assurance of being enough in a world like ours. We live in a world where “thinner” is better. 

Most have the mentality that being as thin as possible, means that they have to achieve the highest standard of beauty. For males, the standard is being tall, muscular with six-pack abs and a chiseled, handsome face. For females, the standards are a pretty face, a flat stomach with a tiny waist, and a thigh gap while simultaneously maintaining a curvy hourglass figure.

Today, we see influencers endorsing weight loss products such as “detox” teas and juice cleanses while displaying their slim figure. Celebrities, models, actresses and influencers project these similar images and ideas that in order to live a lavish life like theirs, you have to look the same as them, dress like them, eat like them and essentially change everything about yourself to become them. However, being thin does not necessarily mean you are healthy. 

As a human, weight fluctuation is normal and expected. Your weight will never stay stuck at the same number forever. Somedays our bodies will retain a large amount of water and bloat. Despite whatever the number on the scale is, that number does not and will never define you. Many develop avoidance behaviors, eventually denying invitations to eat out with friends or even refusing to eat in general. Those behaviors may seem like steps to becoming “skinny” but those are the beginning steps to destroying your life.

Being the person you are and staying true to yourself is more important than anything else. Whoever the person you are is beyond good enough. The scale means nothing. You are more than just a number. Your weight does not determine your health. Being alive is one thing but being alive and living your life are two completely different concepts.

As teenagers, children and adults all go through and face the journey that is known as life every single day we experience and encounter situations throughout our life which is inevitable. The perception of those who portray themselves living the “perfect” lifestyle is simply unrealistic. Yes, eating “clean” is amazing but should not be a requirement of yourself for every meal. Supposedly, slightly going off track by eating one cheeseburger, a glazed doughnut or even a boba tea will not ruin all your hard work and dedication. The method of “dieting” oftentimes depicts the message that you have to give up the foods you love to get to a weight and or body that you will love. We see how foods like chocolate, desserts, fried foods and any form of carbohydrates are deemed the devil, unhealthy and fattening.

Everything is done with moderation and balance is the key. I think that there are two categories that food is placed in. One is nutrient-dense food which are the ideal foods that the “healthy” lifestyle consists of. This category includes items like lean proteins and vegetables like kale, broccoli or spinach. The other category is soul food, and no not specifically the classic cuisine from the south. They are foods that are not necessarily the best for you but good for the soul. These are foods that make you the happiest and bring you pure joy just at the thought of them.

 Those are the foods that you should allow yourself to eat. You would not restrict yourself from doing the activities that you love so why should you do it with the foods that you eat. Eating food will keep you alive but eating the foods that you love and crave will provide you with the feeling and indication of living.

I promise you that years from now, you will not look back and think in this specific year, in this specific month, on this specific day, you weighed this many pounds or that you ate this specific “unhealthy” food. What you might be thinking about is how many opportunities you had missed out on that feeling of truly living. You should be able to look back and think about how in this specific year, in this specific month, on this specific day you had one of the best days of your life. You should tell yourself “I enjoyed myself today. I am proud of who I am and the journey that I have been through to get here today.”

Being “healthy” is not eating three salads a day, skipping meals or forcing yourself into a strict calorie deficit. Health is not determined by your weight, body type and whether or not you have a flat stomach. Being healthy is doing what you and your body need, doing whatever makes you happy, taking care of yourself and knowing your worth. You are worth more than any disgusting stereotype the social industry and the many forms of social media promotes. Your worth is based on who you are as a person, how you treat others, how you treat yourself. You are worth more than what any revolting person might degrade you for. You are worth more than a shape, a measurement and most definitely a number.