How the styles have grown from 1980s to 2000s


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     Humans are a naturally curious, intelligent, and unique race. Their tastes and desires naturally change over time and will continue to do so. As such, humans have created numerous different types of fashion styles over the years. Here is an overview of some of the most recent fashion trends and styles. 

     The 1980’s had punk, glam, and hippie. The punk style included a lot of leather, boots, spiky and puffy hair, mesh tops, and chain accessories. Punk is usually employed to look unique and show the struggle of younger people. This punk style revolved around a lot of music artists: punk rock, glam rock, skinheads, greasers, and mods. Hippie styles usually have baggy jeans and shirts, long hair, and circled glasses. The inspiration for hippie style was traditional clothing from Asia and Africa. Other clothing items and trends used in this time period were spandex, ripped knees, lacy shirts, leg warmers, high-waisted jeans, neon colors, mullets, side ponytails, and cut-off sweatshirts. These styles were mainly used by punk or glam. 

     The 1990s branched out and offered more styles and designs. The 1980s also had punk and hippie styles but they just added more to it. Glam influenced grunge styles. Soft grunge was similar to grunge but included more pastel and cutesy items as accessories. People who are into grunge usually wear clothing from bands that influenced grunge, like Nirvana. The puffed hair and puffed jackets started to not be as popular as it was in the 1980s’. People had more clothing, like off-shoulder shirts and crop tops.  

     In the 2000s, there were many hipster variants, a lot of vests, high-waisted skirts with shirts, and layered tank tops. They were inspired by musical artists. Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. Popular teens like Justin Bieber influenced a lot of formal wear. Grunge and hippie fans still tend to bring it around for the younger or older audience. They also brought back flannel and bright-colored clothing in the community. The normal style would be skinny jeans, sneakers, blouses, and scarves. 

     These styles continue to inspire so many new styles and variants to this day. All of the styles have influenced and given new ideas to new inspiring models or clothing styles, maybe just people who just like to dress nice. Fashion is ever-changing and continues to change on a day-to-day basis. The past is constantly used as inspiration for the future. Who knows what the future of fashion holds in store!