CW shows then versus now


Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

The CW, a popular and entertaining TV program, was once everyone’s favorite channel. It produced shows that have magic and supernatural aspects to them, as well as simple teen dramas. However, for the past few years, viewers have been noticing shows on The CW going downhill when it comes to the plot, writing and characters. 

The CW television network started producing shows in September 2006 and mostly aired teen dramas that many people loved and related to. There were also a few fictional mysteries and supernatural shows that drew in other viewers who enjoyed those genres. When the network first started, it produced the well-known and eye-catching “One Tree Hill” and “Gilmore Girls.” “One Tree Hill” focused on two teen half-brothers discovering who they really are. It started and ended on The CW, while Gilmore Girls was airing on UPTV until their seventh and final season, which was aired on The CW. These, along with other popular shows like “The Carrie Diaries,” “Gossip Girl,” “Beverly Hills 90210” and many others, displayed powerful messages that grabbed many viewers’ attention. 

Although “The Secret Circle” is an example of a show with mixed genres, it focuses on a young teenage girl new to a small town who discovered a small, secret coven of teenage witches. The series only aired one season since it did not receive enough viewers to continue. 

On the other hand, “The Vampire Diaries” had lots of support, thanks to its touching and entertaining qualities. The large numbers of viewers convinced the producers of the TV program to make not one, but two shows, expanding the Vampire Diaries universe. The series after “The Vampire Diaries” called “The Originals” also increased the number of viewers for The CW network, and branched out to explore the first family of vampires that was introduced in “The Vampire Diaries.”

These attention-grabbing shows glued viewers to their televisions because of the powerful acting, phenomenal script writing and amazing storylines and plots. Over time, as The CW ended or canceled these shows and as the network started to create less interesting shows, fans began to question whether they wanted to continue watching on The CW. 

Before viewership decreased, the very much loved, hilarious, mysterious and very long-standing show “Supernatural” ended on The CW. Fans of the show were waiting to see how this 15-season show would end, and were creating many theories, so when the series finale aired, fans were very disappointed to see how the writers of the show handled ending it. 

This controversy continued when another promising show that connected to “The Originals,” “Legacies” turned into something very confusing and off-putting to fans of the aforementioned series. Fans criticized the writers as they were neglecting certain characters’ plot lines, repeating the same and overused story for multiple seasons. It was not until the final season of “Legacies” that the writing got a bit better, leaving fans satisfied with the ending. 

It is odd to see how much The CW has gone downhill from producing successful shows with six, seven and even 10 seasons, to shows that are significantly shorter. Most of the shows are getting canceled after one season for not getting enough viewers, a big contrast to the highly successful shows the network used to produce. With the likely loss of profits, it may be time for those in charge of the shows to check and see what they can do to win back their fans.