Why do entertainment communities become toxic?


Graphic courtesy of Matthew Ramos

Every type of entertainment has its own community filled with fans of different talents such as gaming, making art, etc. However, sometimes an action committed either by the company or the fans makes most of the community rage depending on how useless or disgusting this “action” is for a variety of the community. This cycle has happened to entertainment communities countless times. The “Sonic The Hedgehog”, “The Friday Night Funkin” and “Overwatch” communities are just a few examples. So let’s go onto why an Entertainment Community mostly becomes known to be toxic. 

There are many fans in a community that become idolized. Their talents happen to be their success. Whether their talent is gaming (if the community is from a video game), creating art, fanmade plots to the entertainment’s lore, comedy, or making theories on the topic. But what happens if the idol is exposed and gets canceled for doing horrible things? The popularity of the idol throughout the community they take part in can give a negative impact on the reputation of the fanbase as a whole. These events often happen when a victim of the idol commences allegations such as racism, transphobia, homophobia, pedophilia, etc. 

This is a common event seen in the “Friday Night Funkin” Community where some of the gamers, musicians, and artists have been “exposed” or called out for terrible actions. Does this help the community change into something better? No, somehow the FNF community’s idols cannot stop doing these problematic things. Their image is a major part of the community they are involved in and causes a dramatic change in perspective on it for others. 

In conclusion, a common reason why communities fall is because of the community’s destructive actions, which they commit repeatedly. This is something that needs to end.