Destiny 2: Beyond Light preview


“Destiny 2” is an online multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Bungie that is going into its fourth year of being an active game. Every year around Fall there is a giant downloadable content (DLC) that comes out for the game. This year due to the developers wanting the new DLC to be the best it can be, they have pushed the release date from Sep. 10th to Nov. 10th. The new DLC, “Beyond Light,” is sure to bring a lot for the community to explore and play with. 

“Destiny 2: Beyond Light” is not only adding new content but also taking away old content to make way for the future of “Destiny 2.” Five of the 10 locations in the game are being taken away and stored in what the developers call the Destiny content vault (DCV). Anything in the DCV can make an appearance again in the future if the community asks for it enough. Any activities associated with these locations are also being taken away. The moon of Jupiter, Europa and a location from the first Destiny game, The Cosmodrome, will be introduced with the new DLC and will take the places of these old locations. Europa will be where the main story of “Beyond Light” will take place while The Cosmodrome, which is located on Earth, will be more of a nostalgic location for veteran players. New players, however, will be introduced to the world of Destiny with The Cosmodrome via a new quest that is available for anyone. 

Beyond Light is adding a new elemental aspect to the game. Since the initial release in 2015 there have always been only three elements; solar, void and arc. Now players will discover stasis, an ice like element. This stasis element gives players many ways to utilize its power from slowing, freezing and shattering others. The three classes of Destiny: Hunter, Titan and Warlock, will each receive a new stasis subclass that allows players to use these new abilities. Along with the new abilities there will also be new armor and weapons that can be acquired from various sources throughout the game. 

There will be additional content through the seasonal pass that can be purchased for 10 dollars. This will be the 12th season of the game and will follow Osiris and his quest to figure out why the Hive, one of the alien races, have growths around the solar system driving the other alien races insane. He is not the only character to make an appearance however, as it was revealed that Uldren Sov will come back after two years of his resurrection. The player’s job is to put a stop to the Hive and whatever it is they are planning. Season 12 is called season of the hunt and releases right alongside Beyond Light. 

The DCV not only includes content from “Destiny 2” but also from the first Destiny. Players were shocked when it was revealed that a classic raid from the first game would be coming later in year four. The Vault of Glass was Destiny’s first ever raid and it holds a special place in the hearts of many. The old raid will not be coming out of nowhere though and instead will have a place among the story for why it is back. Destiny is an ever expanding universe and Bungie wants to not only give new players a new experience but also for veteran players to feel the same way they felt the first time they played Destiny. When “Beyond Light” was first revealed back in June, Bungie announced that the game will receive more content all the way through 2022. It is unknown if Bungie will continue to support the game after that year. Considering the success and growing numbers of the game it does not seem like it will be going anywhere anytime soon.

Destiny holds a special place in my heart as my favorite video game. It gave me and my friends so many memories. Seeing the new DLC has hyped me up for what is to come in the future. I have supported the game ever since the beginning and it still feels like it is just getting started. I love that the developers still plan to give more life to this game even if they have hit some low points before. They have learned from their mistakes and are still learning to not only give the community but also themselves a game that is satisfying. But there are still a lot of changes coming to the game that I did not go over. You can keep up to date with the game and their news if you visit Bungie’s website: