Fremont homecoming impresses amid COVID


Photo courtesy of Sophie Wang

Shivani Mudhol and Sophie Wang

Homecoming week: a week full of fun, energy and excitement. Dedicated to celebrating the different classes at Fremont, Homecoming usually consists of a dance, numerous rallies and a football game. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, ASB canceled the homecoming dance for this year. Nevertheless, students were reassured that the weeks of Oct. 18 and Oct. 25 would be filled with rallies or spirit days. The Hoco Haunt, a haunted house event that was “never-before-seen” at FHS, took place on Friday, Oct. 30, a week after the Homecoming game, replacing the cancelled dance.

Homecoming week took place from Oct. 18-22, with the first four days having a class rally during lunchtime. The week of class rallies ended with a whole-school rally, joined by the Homecoming tailgate and home football game, where Homecoming royalty was announced.

Throughout Monday, Oct. 18 to Thursday, Oct. 21, the four class rallies were attended by students during lunchtime, starting with the freshman class of 2025 and ending with the senior class of 2022. To show school spirit, the freshman class wore orange, the sophomore class wore purple, the junior class wore yellow and the senior class wore green. It was announced during half-time at the homecoming football game that the junior class of 2023 finished in first place in the spirit competition, which many considered well deserved after the large amount of student participation and the rally on Wednesday.

“[The junior Rally] is definitely the most exciting rally that we’ve been to in a very long time,” ASB Cabinet member and junior Isha Singh said. “It was really really nice to see the whole class out here, we’re super energetic and I think in general it was just a lot of fun.”

The final Homecoming rally on Friday featured performances by the FHS dance team, cheer team, color guard and band. Taking place after fourth block, eager students made their way to the big gym and were greeted by the streamers of the different class colors, their class posters and live music. As the last few students made their way into the packed gym, the rally kicked off with a performance by color guard and marching band, energizing the gym and getting everyone ready for a fun time. The performances continued with that of the Featherettes and the Varsity Cheer team. Thrilling games such as “Trivia”  and “Tug-Of-War” pitted each class against one another, with the senior class taking in the most wins.

Students filled the bleachers on Friday, Oct. 22 during its Homecoming game dressed up in pink, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The game was against Monta Vista High School, who the varsity football team won against with a final score of 56-6. With the pep band, cheer teams, dance team, color guard and choir present, the energy stayed up throughout the entire game.

“[The homecoming game] is just another football game that hypes up the team and gets the whole school riled up,” varsity player TJ Takafua said. “I just like the energy it brings.”

During halftime, the Featherettes were able to finally perform their traditional homecoming dance, “Georgia Porcupine” live. The crowning ceremony for Homecoming royalty took place, with the 12 seniors on Homecoming Court sharing their speeches. Out of the 12 person Court, Amber Alcantara and Leyla Murgia were selected as Homecoming royalty.

Murgia, who ia a junior graduating early, said that ending her high school years with being crowned Homecoming royalty was the best way to go.

“Honestly, it just feels surreal, like I was so shocked when they said my name,” Murgia said. “But it’s the best type of shock you can have.”

After the ceremony, Alcantara shared how involved she was with FHS, being the president of the Filipino Youth Organization, and also as part of the current Senior ASB cabinet.

“I think it’s really great for me to be a representation for the younger Filipino students here and show them that we can do it,” Alcantara said.  “I put myself out there in school and I really try my best.”

As the week zipped by, students were able to experience an eventful Homecoming after a year of remote learning and cancelled in-person events. They found themselves becoming more connected to their class, peers and Fremont as a whole. Most importantly, students were embracing their inner Fremont pride and spirit.