Super Smash Bros. Ultimate brings in Steve

Out of the many games that have come out in the past decade, “Minecraft” has had a profound impact on this generations gaming industry. Even I, the man under the rock, have some good memories. One morning the radio was blasting with me waking from bed, then I heard Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft. I jumped from bed to learn my mother didn’t work at Microsoft but Micron, most disappointing day of my life. But with my good memories being put aside a new wave has hit Minecraft, Steve’s inclusion in the hit fighting game “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate”. Minecraft fans have waited years for this, with many rumors and mods to fill the Steveless void. But now he is here in all his blocky glory.


Steve is a pretty complex character to play in “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate”, with his moveset including many mechanics from his games. He can build, mine and most importantly craft. If you like playing fast characters that are quick and easy to use Steve is not your best option. His up special is not the best for recovering back to the stage as it’s hard to control and needs practice. Building isn’t easy either seeing as you have to time your button presses to place blocks much less lines. A single jitter of the joystick and you’ll fly off the stage. Crafting and mining are pretty straight forward which is a relief. Out of all of Steve’s moves, two really stand out as finishers. His side special and his down aerial attack. The first of the two becoming a long ranged grab or a  fast trailblazing minecart. This minecart can also be activated in air and is more reliable than blocks with their unlimited range. The latter of the two finisher moves is the fast moving anvil. With its speed and power it usually knocks people down a peg with its only real downside being it costing a piece of iron. Of course, to get to the final blow you need to build up damage on your opponent. Steve’s moveset heavily relies on you gathering resources, so the main focus for casual Steve players should be to keep as much distance from the enemy as possible. The sword isn’t very good at blasting the enemy away to gather resources so Steve’s grab/fishing rod move should do the trick. With it’s range it can grab enemies in Steve’s general direction with a powerful toss to keep that distance for mining.


Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how to play Steve in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. I’ve played a few dozen rounds against level 9’s to bring you this. Note about that, I mostly win against them, humble brag.