The Fallout movie review


Photo Courtesy of HBOMax

“The Fallout” released in theaters on Jan. 27 and people are obsessed with it. The viewers are raving about the storylines and real life issues that it explores. The love and family that is shown in the movie grabs the audience’s attention so well that urges them to rewatch it over and over again. 

“The Fallout” follows a highschool student named Vada Cavell after she and her classmate Mia Reed encounter a nerve racking and disturbing shooting at their high school. The aftermath of the event introduced her to kids that she had never met before who helped her with her trauma.

Vada’s newfound friendships, especially Mia, help Vada find happiness and laughter to cope with her trauma, but it isn’t enough. To fill her void, she finds extreme and adult ways to avoid her problems. When her family and friends find out, the bonds between them and Vada start to unravel. 

As Vada struggles to cope with the flashbacks she sees life in a different perspective. The movie really captures the psychological effects trauma can have on adolescents. It also shows the fear from the people around the child who has gone through such an event and how much family and friends would do to help the child cope. 

The actors that were involved with the movie deserve all of the awards for all of the hard work that is shown throughout. With multiple school shootings happening around the world the story deserves to be watched more to learn what a person young or adult can do to deal with the trauma. The actors may look young and used to play characters for younger audiences but they were exceptional when acting scenes that included adult substances and adult conversation. 

It is a perfect example of what teens who have gone through traumatic events will do to either not want to deal with the trauma or to conquer what fear they have left in them. The actors were amazing with showing what it looks like when you haven’t slept for days from having continuous nightmares. The way the movie portrayed fear, guilt, love, and emptiness really was what brought me to watch the movie over and over again. 

Despite the grim topic, “The Fallout” does have laughs, but is a real tear-jerker when it goes  in-depth through the effects of trauma on adolescents. The story talks about ways to cope with the nightmare and fear that really need to be talked about for kids to feel safe and comfortable once again.