The school salad bar


Graphic by Madelyn Nguyen

With the variety of lunch offerings at Fremont, salads might not be considered the most exciting or glamorous item on the menu. Many FHS students probably prefer something more fun. However, with the addition of a new salad bar and thus new options for students, excitement is building among the salad fans at Fremont. The pre-made salads are meant to provide students with a nutritious meal, and the option of a choose-your-own salad bar allows for additional variability to this healthy cuisine.

An important benefit of eating a school salad is its ability to keep students feeling full and satisfied throughout their classes. The low-calorie and high-fiber levels can keep you energized and focused, the perfect addition to an FHS student’s day, an idea promoted by the Salad Bars to Schools program, funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which claims that students eat healthier when provided with a range of nutritious options. Salads are often overlooked and deemed less delicious when compared with other meals available at Fremont, but the benefits of choosing a healthy salad prove that they are an undervalued gem at the cafeteria. It is also important to keep in mind how important salads are in maintaining a balanced, healthy diet.

This staple of Fremont lunch culture is largely underappreciated by students, a sad fact to deal with. This particularly disturbs Ewan Keller, a varsity water polo player, fellow salad enthusiast and Junior at Fremont High School. 

“I have [the salads] pretty often; I’d say at least a few times a week,” Keller said. “If it’s between pizza or salad, I’d get the salad.”

“I don’t know why more people don’t get a salad. It’s accessible and the choices are good,” Keller said. The freshness of the options and the variety is good for students who want an additional kick for their meals.

Many students enjoy the creative aspect of custom salads, and the self-serve option promotes healthy eating habits for students. This decision to offer healthier meal choices during school hours is a good approach to help students maintain daily nutritional requirements, especially with respect to vegetable consumption. The salad bar provides a range of options, such as romaine lettuce, beets, corn, jalapeños, cucumber, and edamame. Dragonfruit is also available for a limited time.   

It is important to acknowledge the benefits of including salads in one’s daily diet, especially for busy students who require sustained energy throughout the day. Fremont’s salad bar offers a fun and customizable way to enjoy a nutritious meal and it promotes healthier eating habits. Fremont is helping to foster a culture of wellness and balance among its students.