The toxic part of the Gatcha community


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On Oct. 12, 2018, Lunime released an app called Gacha Life. Gacha Life is both a PC and mobile app. It is a single role-playing game with custom outfits and movie-making, and has eight  mini-games within it. When the Gacha Life community started getting popular, the people in the community started to make inappropriate content and spread them online.

The Gacha community is known for a lot of its sensitive content. However, some of the unrecognized content that is dangerous includes trends that are related to real-life crimes. For example, on YouTube there are multiple videos of school shootings in Gacha Life that are still there and available to watch. The reason why this is unsettling is because people are using real-life issues for views and people that survived these shootings would relive that trauma.

There are also multiple trends with sexual abuse, verbal abuse, kidnapping and sexual assult. For example, the “911 pizza trend” is where some character calls 911 for pizza while being kidnapped and manages to get the police. 

The most popular reason why the Gacha community is known to be toxic is because of its lewd content. Half of the trends in the Gacha community are sexual. Examples include the “Shake your body like a belly dancer” trend and the “AHHH” (moan) meme. There was also a creator named Gamers Nation, who makes inappropriate thumbnails with Gacha characters making sexual poses. Within the Gacha community, this creator had a history of sexual content.