FNF’: D-side and Hellbeats: The latest FNF “-Sides” mods


Photo credits to Matthew Ramos

“So, let us start shall we?” said Girlfriend from FNF’: Hellbeats mods. Eight months ago, a developer named Rosebud made a Friday Night Funkin’ Mod called “Friday Night Funkin’: B-Sides Remixes.” This Mod from FNF started to get popular, it created more content and created the “-Sides” epidemic. A typical “-Sides” would have remixes, new character designs, new lore, new songs and new mechanics. Friday Night Funkin’ is a rhythm game that requires the player, “Boyfriend,” to defeat a selection of characters (such as Daddy Dearest, Skid and Pump from Spooky Month, Pico from Pico’s School, Mommy Mearest, Tankman from TANKMEN and Monster and Senpai) in rap battles to date his love interest, “Girlfriend.” The game revolves around copying the opponent’s notes with timed inputs while avoiding running out of health during the songs. You lose health by missing arrows or pressing the wrong arrows. Friday Night Funkin’ is an open-source rhythm game; which allows you to mod the game to make your levels, songs, mechanics or remake the in-game characters. 

FNF Hellbeats

Hellbeats is a “-Sides” FNF Mod that was created by RevenantDude. Hellbeats has the same storyline except boyfriend is an angel in the abyss dating a demon named Girlfriend; Daddy Dearest, the father of GF, does not want other demons to find out his daughter is dating an angel. So he decides to challenge BF to a rap battle, but then BF wins. Later after BF and GF left, bounty out on BF with the help of numerous personal informants to either take him back to the heavens or end his life permanently, so his reputation could not be destroyed. 

While BF and GF head to the mansion for a party, they encountered the duo from the series, “Spooky Month” known as Skid and Pump. The duo challenged BF to a rap battle because they hate angels, but as he beats the duo in the rap battle, both Skid and Pump are angered and challenges him so they can attempt to win and make him pay. However, when Skid and Pump lose to BF, three times, they give up, explains to BF and GF how they used to celebrate Spooky Month with demons, how they got dragged to hell by a demon and their effort to get access to the gates of heaven, giving Skid and Pump a mental breakdown that made the duo running away from BF and GF. 

After that, BF and GF go into an alleyway to get away from her parents, but then a demon known as Pico comes across the love birds. Pico orders BF to go back to the gates of heaven because it is illegal for an angel to be in the pit, but BF wants to challenge him to a rap battle, even though it will not change anything, as said by Pico. After the second song, Pico finally has had enough and uses force to kill him in the last song, “Blammed.” After finishing the final song, Pico gives up and gives BF this message: “You’re making a huge mistake…” leaving BF and GF both unharmed. 

Overall, Hellbeats is a unique “-Sides” mod in FNF. The remixes of the songs are amazing and the new songs “Stung Up”, “Tainted” and “Redemption” add a unique touch to Weeks two and three. The designs of Pico and BF are stunning and the effects of the last songs are unique. Unfortunately, the mod is a demo version and is not finished. Nevertheless, this “-Sides” FNF mod would be interesting if it is ever finished. 


Friday Night Funkin’ D-Sides, a “-Sides” FNF mod that re-imagined the first four weeks of FNF with new designs of the characters, background and remixes. It is created by DastardlyDeacon, Philiplol and Fiflol. 

The characters’ designs and the lore of this mod are amazing. For example, BF in his D-side form has wilder hair, earrings, sharp teeth, a sleeveless white tee shirt with a warning sign, purple brim pants, a blue cap and sneakers. GF’s new design gives her a green suit jacket over a purple top, bright orange hair tied up in pigtails, freckles and red hair. Daddy Dearest has a full beard, mullet hairstyle, jeans with a belt with a ‘D’ icon, a button-down shirt with a mauve suit jacket and red skin. Skid wears a vampire costume and a blue cape; while Pump wears a ghost sheet over his usual clothing. Monster has a cherry-shaped head, a single eye, teeth jabbed on his torso and lost all of his arms and has only three legs ending in red circular feet. Some of these designs are also based on characters from the game or Pico’s D-Side form, which takes elements from Cassandra’s and Cyclops’s design while Mom’s D-side form is a mix of Daddy Dearest and Girlfriend’s style. 

The remixes are the best as most of the songs were improved. Some especially improved songs were “Bopeebo”, “Fresh”, “Dadbattle”, “Spookeez”, “South”, “Pico” and “Blammed”. This sweet mod has added new songs for additional spice-like “Ghastly” from Week two and “Awooga” from Week four. Sadly, the mod is also a demo and Week 5 is currently in progress, but this will be the greatest “-Sides” mod when the full project is finished.

In conclusion, these “-Sides” are impressive versions of the Original Game. The songs and remixes make these mods interesting and the character designs are shocking, new mechanics that make these “-Sides” FNF mods harder to beat and the lore of all the characters from these versions of the Game.