FHS Homecoming plans


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After over a year and a half of online learning, Fremont High School has finally opened its doors to students again. The return to school allows for students to experience normal high school activities again. The Jamboree, the rally and the Bell Game are just a few examples of the school events FHS students have had the opportunity to experience thus far. Additionally, there is also high anticipation amongst students for Homecoming.

For years, Homecoming has been a way to welcome students back to school in a fun and low-stress environment. FHS students were not able to experience Homecoming last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, ASB is planning on having a Homecoming event, albeit slightly different due to COVID-19 restrictions and with student’s safety as a top priority. 

“On September 8 we got confirmation that the Homecoming dance is going to be canceled,” a student from ASB said. 

In order to keep students safe, the FUHSD decided that it would be best to avoid having a large group of students indoors together. 

“[ASB is] planning on substituting the dance with something else,” the student said. The ASB student compared plans for Homecoming to possibly being similar to the Jamboree. The Jamboree was an outdoor event where students were able to participate in games, tarot readings and watch a movie while still maintaining COVID restrictions. Having a Homecoming in a similar fashion will allow students to still have fun but remain healthy and protected. 

Jeff Kakes, the FHS ASB teacher, talks about alternative plans that could happen if COVID restrictions tighten. 

“The worst case, assuming nothing else getscanceled, would be that both the class-specific and all-school Rallies would still happen, and we’d still have Homecoming Court with the ceremony at halftime of the football game,” Kakes said.

Additionally, Fremont will be having a Homecoming Spirit Week this year. 

This year’s Homecoming theme is Fremont Goes to the Movies. Class of 2025’s theme is Sci-Fi, Class of 2024’s theme is Animated Films, Class of 2023’s theme is Musicals, and Class of 2022’s theme is Action.

Although a lot of final Homecoming plans are still up in the air due to COVID, Firebirds can be assured that there will be activities this year. 

We’re hoping we’ll be able to keep our second semester dances planned, but we’ll have to wait and see how things go, ” Mr. Kakes said. 

It is recommended to keep up to date with the school’s Instagram account @firebirdfelipe, along with individual class accounts so that students can be aware of ever-changing plans.