Animal rights activists and activism


Photo courtesy of Animal Rights Toronto

​​From companies to individuals, animal rights activists rarely receive coverage from the media. Still, it would be an understatement to say that animal rights activists are doing great things; whether it be making movies or campaigning to end trophy hunting, there is a lot of meaningful activism to highlight in this article. There are many organizations, but two stand out from the rest: the Best Friends Animal Society and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

According to Best Friends Animal Society, their mission is to end pet homelessness. They have maintained this goal by hosting events that include guest speakers, national conferences, super adoptions, etc. Generally, animal rights is associated with stopping the killing of animals for producing meat, fur, etc. Thus, seeing an organization that cares about an issue that does not get as much attention is a wonderfully fresh perspective. For more information, visit the Best Friends Animal Society website to help with volunteering or proposing new ideas for events (or adopting some adorable animals). 

As for an organization that adheres more to the stereotypical image associated with stopping animal cruelty, saving animals from maltreatment and dire situations, there is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Interestingly, ASPCA was the first humane organization established in North America in 1866. Through donations and adoptions, ASPCA fights to end animal cruelty globally. Additionally, ASPCA has health clinics for animal poisoning and other necessary services. This organization acts mainly as a non-profit and holds events that promote fighting against animal cruelty. This organization simply does everything to fight against animal cruelty, and for that, it undoubtedly deserves the spotlight. Once again, more information is available on their website,

While many organizations have fought for animal rights, many actors have also done so. For example, Ellen Degeneres has highlighted many animal rights activists on her talk show and has campaigned multiple times. Most importantly, she has her own fund called The Ellen Fund, which seeks donations from the public in order to build campuses that protect endangered animal rights. 

The U.K. comedian Ricky Gervais is also known for being an activist. Whether it be through comments that condemn hunting or on protecting important legislation, he has certainly done an incredible amount for the animal community. Also, he demonstrates his love for animals by choosing to adopt a vegan diet. 

Leonardo DiCaprio is mainly known for his work in Hollywood films such as “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood” or “The Great Gatsby.” Still, his effect on animal rights is arguably just as significant. DiCaprio has raised numerous concerns about global warming and protecting animals and their habitats. While many people might know that DiCaprio has a tree named after him, as his work on preserving trees in the Amazon Rainforest has gotten a lot of media coverage, he also has a beetle named after him. In both cases, his terrific work helped preserve these two beauties of nature. Lastly, DiCaprio has an honorary board seat on the World Wide Fund for Nature: a nonprofit that connects money in order to protect endangered species. 

These organizations and actors operate on a larger scale, with their actions having apparent and noticeable effects on wildlife. That should not discourage anyone, though, because something as simple as choosing to be vegetarian for a month and challenging friends to do the same is also a pretty noble pursuit. At the end of the day, a lot of little and small changes can, when combined, turn into big changes. So do not ever think that you cannot make a difference!