Dune: The latest science fiction film


Photo courtesy of www.fotonerd.it

“Dune” is the latest science fiction movie that completely blows viewers away. From its beautiful scenes in the sand to its compelling storylines, Dune is truly a wonderful movie.

The world has expanded to galaxies, with tons of spaceships and new planets that have been discovered, a galactic order has been established with one emperor ruling over a bunch of small houses. The movie is wrought with houses conflicting with each other, and the emperor choosing which side to support.

Dune primarily takes place on a desert planet where the indigenous people are called the Arrakis. This desert planet is the only planet in the entire universe that has this special spice that is vital for all space travel. For 70 years, House Harkonnen maintained an iron grip over the desert planet to farm the special spice, making them extremely rich. However, when the emperor sends the House of Atreides to take over the farming operation, tensions brew between the two houses, and a saboteur who is part of the House of Atreides opens up the opportunity for House Harkonnen to strike, leading to a murderous battle between the two houses.

The movie stars a plethora of well-known actors. First of all, there is Timothée Chalamet (Paul Atreides), the main character who struggles with his destiny as his mother prepares him to be a messiah figure, where his father wants him to become the head of the House of Atreides. In addition, Zendaya Coleman plays Chani, a character that gets little screen time but is expected to have a larger role in the next movie, all while still having an interesting connection with Paul throughout the movie.

In addition, the film includes the parents of Atreides, Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) and Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac), both of whom want different futures for their son. Finally, Duncan Idaho (Jason Mamoa) is a caring friend of Paul and is always protective of the Atreides family through thick and thin; whereas Vladimir Harkonnen (Stellan Skarsgard) is the devilishly evil main antagonist, who is portrayed perfectly by Skarsgard.

The storyline of the House of Atreides coming to this new planet to mine this incredibly profitable spice, while also adding danger in the form of the House of Harkonnen, created a coherent storyline that was enjoyable and made time fly. Also, having the Arrakis people play a big part in the ending demonstrated how the film took an extreme turn during the middle.

The only thing stopping this movie from being a five-star movie was the abrupt ending, which seemed to be incredibly anticlimactic considering the action-packed scenes and plot lines in the movie.

With it all said and done, the movie was a solid nine out of 10; from the beautiful sand dunes to the intricate structure of galactic politics, this movie is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a good science fiction movie.