Easy Care Plants for your Home

For centuries plants have been a popular staple of both indoor and outdoor decor. Perhaps over the past year, house plants have become even more popular. One reason is a result of the pandemic and many people have been looking for a new passion or something to keep them busy.  Plants are a beautiful way to decorate your house or even your room. There are several houseplants that are easy to take care of, here are a few:

The first plant is a parlor palm. This plant is for people that want a palm tree in their homes without having to make space for such a large plant. Parlor palms are elegant and resemble plants seen in the jungle. The second plant is a peace lily. Peace lilies are beautiful plants that bloom with white flowers during the spring. This plant is low maintenance and can easily be taken care of. The third plant is a snake plant. There are over 70 different types of snake plants but the most popular is the dracaena trifasciata species. This plant is easy to care for because if you forget to water it for a long time it will survive and does not require much sunlight. The good thing about this plant is that it does not grow bushy but grows straight up. This plant can easily be put on your desk or even in a corner of a room. These plants are quite simple to attain as they can all be found at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot. But if you don’t want to buy these at hardware stores you can search for a local plant shop or someone that sells plants from their homes. 

The video “Parlor Palm Care 101” by the uploader Big Boy Plants on Youtube explains the basics of taking care of your parlor palm. Having a parlor palm is a great investment. They are really beautiful and easy to take care of. One can have their parlor palm facing a north window but that will cause slow growth and would cause its owner to move it ever so often so it can get more light. A south or west facing window would do better for the plant as it would not have to be moved around. Examining your plant when putting it in a new place in your home is very important because all plants “talk” to you, you just have to look out for the signs. A sign to look out for is if the edges of the palm are burnt. A parlor palm would be a great addition to your home because it purifies the air within your home. For the soil, it requires a well draining soil. Adding Perlite in your soil as well as a draining hole at the bottom of the pot can help.  

Peace lilies are one of the easiest plants to care for according to a Youtube video by RHS called “How to take care for your Peace Lily”. This plant would be great for your home in a corner or even off to the side in your living room. They also purify the air. It can go a good amount of time without water, however the leaves will begin to droop down when water is needed. Overwatering can damage the roots and can cause root rot. Keeping an eye on how it is doing is the key to having a beautiful, healthy peace lily. They need good sunlight but not too much, or they can get burnt on the edges. This is a great indoor plant as it can not be outside during the winter. They also love well-drained soil, so having Perlite in your soil is a great way of helping them out. 

The snake plant is a great option if one has little access to sunlight. One can have this plant in a place where they get almost no light but the plant will have to be moved every month or three months so it stays nice, green and healthy. The Dracaena Trifasciata needs very well-draining soil. That’s why when you see a snake plant it has a lot of Perlite to help with the draining. Although it needs well-draining soil, the plant can be left for up to a month without water. This is a great starter plant to see if you like having plants and that responsibility of having to care for it. 

All in all, these three plants are easy for beginners or for anyone that is interested in purchasing a plant. The simple care would make a great addition to your home or office space. After reading this article I hope it gave you a better understanding of plants and the wonderful things it comes with having one.

Parlor Palm
Peace Lily