Misconceptions on Hispanic people and culture

Graphics courtesy of  RioBravoGraphics on Etsy

Graphics courtesy of RioBravoGraphics on Etsy

Many people hold the assumption that all Hispanic people are the same.. In reality, the hispanic culture is a widely diverse culture full of different traditions and nationalities. However, that does not stop the generalization of its members. Oftentimes, Hispanics are generalized to one nationality: Mexican. The term “Hispanic” refers to anyone originating from a Spanish-speaking country. And while they may sound the same, they are completely different. Just like Latinx, Latinos, Hispanos, and Chicanos, are also different. Yes, it’s confusing, I agree. 

For example, Chicanos are Mexican American, but Chicanos are their own ethnicity. The Chicano movement (also known as El Movimiento) started in the 1960s when they “advocated social and political empowerment through chicanismo or cultural nationalism” according to HISTORY. The term “Chicano” started off as an insult from the West and Southwest but was later reclaimed. 

Unlike Chicanos, hispanics are not all Mexican. Hispanics are people who have ancestors that originated in Central and South America and the Caribbean. Because this region is so large, the traditions and cultures vary greatly over the region.

Not every Hispanic is Mexican, and it is ignorant to generalize them as such. Generalizing them like that erases all the hardships they have gone through over the generations.They may speak Spanish, but assuming they share the same culture and traditions entirely is not right.