The Continuation of Roblox’s Downfall


Photo Courtesy of Roblox

Roblox’s Downfall 

“Roblox” is a game created in 2007 by David Baszucki, though the game’s popularity has rapidly increased since 2010.Roblox players make games that become popular, Youtube videos, etc. But since 2020, the community and developers have slowly started losing interest in the game. So let us explore the downfall of “Roblox.”. Warning: before reading this, the first paragraph contains allegations.

Roblox’s Lawsuit

On Nov. 23, 2021, Roblox Corporation sued “Roblox” YouTuber and criticRuben Sim for several allegations. Sim filmed three videos responding to each threat and sent them in Youtube. All these videos go down and respond to allegations such as sexual harassment, terrorist threats, and sexual assault. One of these videos were pointing out critical points. For example, he shows multiple “Roblox” developers committing sexual acts that involve minors: sexting, sending nude images of themselves, committing acts on a dog and urinations. Most of these “Roblox” developers are not put in jail for these crimes, not even banned. Either way, this started to gain popularity on Youtube. However, this lawsuit came to an end with a compromise. Ruben was later not sued; but in return, he had to stop making “Roblox” videos.